Internet for me

Budweiser Man
Hi peepz,
im moving to canada in less then a month and i want to get internet there. do you have high speed like rr or something? like atlest 1meg download or faster? whats the best one?

im a moving to oakville near toronto.

Bob Carrick
#2 do a search in your new city and look out.
ok thx 4 the info

is cable fast in canada?
Bob Carrick
1.5 / 192 kbps meg on Rogers, loaded subnet issues in my opinion. DSL IMO is the better way to go, lots of choices for ISPs and you can get 1.2 / 160 kbps meg down or 3.5 / 800 kbps meg down
cable is slow unless u r the only one on the street with it. I am on Shaw and am not too impressed.
Budweiser Man, you sound like you dont even expect us to have running water in Canada..
lol Andem

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