Free Unix Shells available

The public-access unix system available at is open again for registration. Get familiar with unix and take advantage of the free tools available

telnet to and login as 'visitor' to create an account.
Cool...just got myself an account
Cool My friend brian runs it, very well kept public system. Are you into linux frubsen?
Well yesterday I just loaded Red Hat ontp my other machine. Used to have Mandrake on but decided to try Red Hat out. I'm still trying to get the internet workin on it.
Ahhh You'll get the hang of it. I personally use Slackware and SuSE. They're both a little bit more advanced however.

Stay with Redhat over Mandrake, you'll find you will probably like redhat better.
The thing is...With mandrake when I loaded it detected the internet connection right I'm haveing trubles with Redhat
Take a look at This site has some very informative and useful tutorials and solutions to common problems. Also check to see if your kernel is compiled to recognize your NIC. Running Linux canbe very advanced, so if you're up to it, read a book about it.
I had linux on my old computer a while back but never really looked into it. I know a bit but not too much. Thanx for the link.
Trustix is soo much better, but a very advanced distrobution which has to have each service configured itself, unlike most other distrobutions. Its very secure and stable. One of these days I'll take windows off this and put it back on once I get my bloody hard drive back *grumbles @ WD*
Wow neat, now i can see if i want to put it on my computer, does anyone have any good tutorial sites or books that I can buy somewhere so I can learn how to use it? a friend told me it is a great operating system and since im a little sunburnt i will be staying indoors now hehehehe
Linux kernal is slow, I mean I installed Mandrake 9 on my XP 1700+ with 512Mb DDR system and I got almost the same performance out of it like I did with mdk 8.2 on my k6-3 400 with 458mb of ram.

Mandrake actually stalls for a few seconds and crashes so easily its scary. I'm living like its Win98se days. Thank gawd 98se didn't last to long on my system or I'd be going crazy!
sorry I was the one that posted the linux kernal is slow message
I forgot to login heh....

*thinks about anonymous posting is a bad idea