Satellite providers in Canada? (Canadian Satellite Providers)

I know canadianisp lists some satellite providers in Canada, but there's gotta be more than that. I saw on Bell's site, they offer service through Bell Expressvu via DirecPC. Im sort of considering satellite, but I must evaluate all of my options. Also because when Rogers puts caps on, I will be cancelling my cable service along with my cable internet access, serves Rogers right.

Anyhow, the Bell Expressvu service is probably a stupid idea as caps are inevitable at some point or another as you know how typical bell and it's monopolistic practices are.
Bob Carrick
I'm assuming you can't get DSL?
Im not sure if I can get DSL. I did a line test and apparantly not. Which is really strange seeing as i live in the city and I had it when I live on the other side of the the street! (odd eh?)... But no, I just want to consider all of my options so that when I switch from Rogers, I have some internet service to fall back on.
Is satellite faster then rogers? I need more speed!
Bob Carrick
Generally speaking no, but DSL is
Quote: Originally Posted by Bob Carrick

.......but DSL is

Only the 1.5mb+ DSL connections are. The regular lines that are 960kbps provided by bell are slower than cable.
Bob Carrick
Yes and there are plenty of 1.5+ DSL conenctions in Ontario and Quebec. I have a 3000 / 800 kbps connection now at home.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bob Carrick

Yes and there are plenty of 1.5+ DSL conenctions in Ontario and Quebec. I have a 3000 / 800 kbps connection now at home.

Isn't bell 3000 / 640?
Bob Carrick
It's actually 3500 / 840 but advertised at 3000/640.
This is very confusing because I know Bell's speeds are not that fast. 3500/840 is not what I got with Sympatico ever at my friend's houses. talk about half that or even less. And the upload also is not that fast.

You must have an advanced super-speed package?
Bob Carrick
3500/800 actually the 840 was a typo. It is the Ultra package, Sympatico has 3 package snow. Your friend had the original which is 1.2/160 they have a lite package at 128/128 and an Ultra now at 3500/800
Okay. Great stuff!
Then satellite maybe your answer...

Clear skies here...

Text Block Size 5000 KB

Download Time 18857 ms
Receive Buffer 474280 bytes
Transmission Speed 2121 Kb/s

2002-10-29 04:36:50 EST: 1897 / 35
Your download speed : 1897288 bps, or 1897 kbps.
A 231.6 KB/sec transfer rate.
Your upload speed : 35762 bps, or 35 kbps.
Seems like download broadband .. above the 1mbit barrier!

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