Warcraft III

General/Summary: Blizzard has done it again. First I playied warcraft 2. That was a really great game. I playied for about a year and playied it even more when they came out with a b.net edtion. After warcraft 2 i found out diablo 2. I have been playing diablo 2 for about 2 years now and I still love it. During that time my friend came over and we playied starcraft alot. Starcraft never really became my favorite game but I must say i love it. Warcraft 3 is nothing short of what I thought it would be. It is a cross of my favorite games. It has a much better multiplayer system making it much harder to cheat (Giving free wins on ladder isalmost immpossible, you can't pick your team on ladder). This game will be able to be playied for a long time since people will be making custom maps just like starcraft that will give you new things to do every day.

Gameplay: The gameplay is a great system. It allows you to make heroes that help your team and improve as you kill units be leveling up. Every time you level up you get a skill point that you can use to get new spells or attack/or improve a existing one. Also this game is also great because of the balence of each race. You can be any race and still win. Most blizzard games lack this.

Graphics: The graphics are great other then the choppy gameplay with slow computers. They have dvd quality videos placed after each mission you do. I rate graphics a 4 for lack of frame rate.
I've played this game at a friends house.. I was gonna goto future shop and purchase it but got lazy and never did

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