For a while now, seemed to be since switching to widows 10, my wife had been having trouble with her laptop every once in a while, the internet modem in her notebook would switch off and the only way to get it back on was to reset the router by switching it off then on.
Frustrating for both of us
After multiple tests I found out that since the telephone modem/router was close to the microwave and microwave frequency is close to router frequency that it was probably one source of problem....then I saw the lady next door on her patio with a portable wireless house phone...(another instrument with frequency close to wifi frequency) and my wife's computer station is across the driveway from them and closest to their house.
After putting a new phone outlet for the router/modem in a better location this morning and testing that everything was OK....I'm on the Saskatchewan shooting forum page, when my wife needs something at the store for lunch....so I leave my notebook on and go to the store.
When I come back I find the forum locked on that one page Can't move forward or backward, can't even switch off firefox...
If the other browsers hadn't been working perfectly, I might have thought that all the work I had done this morning was for nothing..
I did the old Ctrl/Alt/Del thingny and when I came back to the page I was on and saw all the green print I realized what had happened...
Multiple posts were moved while my browser was on auto/ reload and it locked up..