On my windows '98 PC, if I wanted to send a document to someone and didn't want anybody else to read it, I would just have to put it it in a zipped folder that needed a password to open it.
This morning, I needed to send some documents to someone in Florida. documents that I or the other person didn't want anyone else to see, if somehow intercepted..
Low and behold, That function doesn't exist anymore, seems to have been discontinued after XP.
I tried downloading several programs to do it... but the other PC would need the exact same program to open it with the password.
I was just about to do it that way when I remembered that “OpenOffice” has a neat function....I then decided to look at all the features that went with it....one of them is that you can take a word document and save it as a PDF and when you do that you can assign it a password,,,
It took a while but problem solved...Email sent and text message with the password sent separately...