Tony Clement finds unlikely defender in victims' advocate


I don't buy it. Yes he's a victim as well as an alleged perpetrator, and yes I accept that a person absolutely can simultaneously be a perpetrator and a victim.

What I don't buy is that a person is not responsible for contributory negligence. Sorry, but if a person sends nude photos of himself and gets extorted for it, we can't deny that he contributed negligently to his own victimization.

To take another example: I consent to protected sex with a stranger and that stranger then forces unprotected sex onto me. Yes I'd be a victim of sexual assault, but who would deny that I would have contributed negligently to my own assault by consenting to sex with a stranger.

Or if I leave my gold coins sitting on the dashboard of my Lamborghini with the door unlocked and the keys in the ignition in an unguarded location for the day, who in his right mind would deny that I would have contributed negligently to my own victimization? Sure we can sympathize, but we need to still hold people accountable for their actions, and for their own good too. If we excuse their behaviour, we're encouraging them to become victimized yet again. If we want to protect them from further victimization, then we need to talk some sense into them. For example, we don't encourage a person to sleep around with strangers in the name of sexual liberation and then act shocked when that same person gets assaulted.
You understand he has lost job and all?
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You understand he has lost job and all?

I was speaking more generally. To take an example, feminists teach that a woman can do what she wants with impunity, and then when something happens, she has no responsibility whatsoever. If a woman consents to sex with a stranger and then he forces sex that she'd not consented to onto her, yes, that's rape, no doubt, and he's wholly responsible for that. But had she not consented to sex with a stranger, he might not have had the opportunity to rape her in the first place. He's still responsible for his rape and should be punished, but we should also teach people, men and woman alike, that they do have a responsibility to be vigilant to protect themselves too.