Police reverse discrimination fears unsurprising: equity council co-chair


Let me understand. so, on the one hand, we have official language laws which will inevitably lead to over-representation of English and French Canadians, and immigration language requirements which will inevitably favour people from English and French-speaking countries, which statistically over-represent the world's white population.

So then we need reverse-discrimination laws to counter-blalance the discriminaton laws. Would it not make sense, instead of having counter-discrimination laws, to just remove or at least reduce the discrimination laws so as to eliminate the need for counter-discrimination laws? Seems like the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing?
Sounds a bit complicated for the field, how about they be willing to shoot anybody rather than just a minority.

'What are you doing in my Lambo, citizen?'
So the simple solution is to base promotions etc on merit rather than quotas.