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Catholic School? I'm kidding.

Different position. I'm not kidding.
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Different position. I'm not kidding.

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Here are some fun thoughts:

With the intention of promoting Cdn culture- here are some uniquely Cdn words and phrases- with their local meanings:

Irony: a state of mind that is invisible to LIE-berals. As an example, the LIE-beral loving Toronto (Red) Star newspaper has chosen to join the “Trust Project” that is designed by news media from around the world persuade us to trust them! So in future Toronto (Red) Star editorial policy will CONTINUE to slag Conservatives with Fake News and will Continue to IGNORE LIE-beral failings- simply because Star reporters FORGOT details - rather than because they are deliberately HIDING stuff!

Other examples of irony would include Star reporters being unable to see glaring LIE-berals faults while working to persuade readers they are fair minded and even handed in their reporting!

In another example of irony- LIE-berals bitterly resent being referred to as Fascist dictators- in spite of their behaving in exactly the Fascist style! Adolf Hitler used his National Socialist movement to promote capitalism were useful and promoted state control of industries where convenient! In other words the Nazi economy mimicked our Cdn LIE-beral economy in major ways!

In a terminal act of irony and stupidity- Cdn LIE-berals have singled out white males as being the cause of most of the problems of society- in exactly the same way Nazis blamed Jews for all the German problems! This is the latest web site brought to us by the propaganda meisters who created Working Family Coalition, and! It is IRONIC that Working Families actually work shorter hours and get much better pay than ordinary Cdns while wearing that self awarded but UN-DESERVED mantle of alleged hard work and efficiency!

It is IRONIC that the creators of did so out of a loathsome and bigoted and quite UNFAIR desire to persuade us that THEY DESERVE MORE GRAVY than other Cdns!!!

In the latest demonstration of IRONY- the creators of BEMOAN the failure of the Phoenix Pay System and are claiming an ABSURD VIRTUE in continuing to ride the Hog gravy train in spite of pay problems!

It is utterly IRONIC that HereForCanada Hogs neglect to mention that it was civil service union Hogs who DESIGNED the Phoenix pay system!

It was civil service Hogs who voted en masse to put LIE-berals like Our idiot Boy Justin into power!

And it was a cabal of Hogs and LIE-berals who voted to use the UNTESTED PHOENIX pay system WITHOUT having ANY back up plan in place if their baby turned out to be a DUD!!!

In a final IRONY, Hogs want to claim virtue for having endured THEIR OWN IN HOUSE PAY MESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another example of irony would be this: That LIE-berals have insisted for a number of years that crime rates are falling- and yet the FACT is that the proportion of killers getting away with murder- IS RISING STEADILY! Toronto cops used to be able to boast of a murder solution rate consistently near 95 percent- but in recent years that number has fallen down to the mid 70`s! A number of reasons are given for this- such as the rise of criminal gangs that provide strong alibis for each other and thus limit conviction rates. There is also the issue of cops being short staffed- and thus not able to pursue killers with the persistence that previous generations of cops could perform!

In additional irony, the growing skill of Cdn medical staff is limiting the number of victims who die! People who would have died just a few years ago now make swift recoveries- and that helps reduce the murder rate! To recognize the validity of this statement, one has only to think of the Yankee congress woman who was shot in the head with a large calibre pistol and not only survived, she was able to return to work- an event that would have been previously un-imaginable!

In other IRONY, LIE-berals tell us they are dedicated to fighting crime- yet it has never been easier to get out of jail! LIE-beral plea bargaining means that major crimes are turned magically into minor crimes and minor crimes are being forgotten entirely!

In addition, LIE-berals have starved our legal system for so long that in summer 2017, they chose to release- without the bother of a trial- SEVEN ACCUSED KILLERS!!!!

In that same year- dedicated (yes this is IRONY!) LIE-beral crime fighters also released without trial a total of four men who had STOLEN a total of $47 million dollars from Ontarians!

Further- LIE-berals have long been worried about conditions in our jails and so persons who have committed serious crimes and left behind glaring quantities of evidence such that their conviction is a formality- and thus NO bail will be offered- such thugs are now given credit FOR THREE TIMES pre trial custody- that is to say that if they spend 17 months in jail awaiting trial in one of our over loaded courts- they will be given credit for having served 51 months in jail and this time will be deducted from their actual post trial jail sentence!

The irony of LIE-beral bail arrangements is that the most vicious thugs often spend even LESS time in jail than they used to- courtesy LIE-beral “crime fighting efforts”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another area of extreme LIE-beral Irony is their dedication to fighting global warming by ignoring real solutions while encouraging Cdn civil service union Hogs to EXPAND their already generous carbon foot prints!!!!!!!

LIE-berals also use IRONY to promote national security and immigration issues!

In one area of irony, LIE-berals insist that we need more immigrants to grow our economy since we Cdns are not having enough children!

How ironic is it that Cdns are so heavily taxed to pay for LIE-beral gravy train that they cannot produce enough tax payers to ensure a good supply of gravy for greedy LIE-berals?

In other irony- LIE-berals CANNOT explain to us just how we will benefit in any economic way from importing a mass of people who lack the language and educational credentials to survive in Canada without major govt aid for decades to come!

In an additional act of irony, LIE-bera;s cannot explain how we will be made safer or more nationally prosperous by the LIE-beral habit of importing Muslims- without the bother of security checks to weed out the most radical and dangerous ones!

It is ironic that LIE-berals are enacting immigration policy that specifically TAKES GRAVY AWAY from civil service union Hogs that LIE-berals rely on utterly to maintain themselves in power!

It is ironic that LIE-berals tell us they are fighting against bigotry and bias- while using weapons that REEK of bigotry and bias!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is ironic that LIE-berals have told us that the Kinder Morgan pipeline MUST be built as it is in the national interest -even as LIE-berals do everything they can to BLOCK any progress on pipeline construction!!!!!!!!!!

It is ironic that LIE-berals insist that Kinder Morgan pipeline is in the national interest while at the same time LIE-berals make long term plans that will DENY Cdns the right to use oil or natural gas for any purpose at all!
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I already understand the rights of the least means nothing to the local collective. The only important people are 'your kind' right?? Being White and German I could do quite well in the collective if I wanted to, Right??

Well.....that explains you Joo hatred..........
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Well.....that explains you Joo hatred..........

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Yes...........MHz is truly obsessed with Jews!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But then it is so much easier to accept the many failures of a life time if one has a big powerful BOGEYMAN to blame int all on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And then there is the propaganda angle- Muslims want to present themselves as VICTIMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Muslims want us to look away from their aggression so MHz and his allies of the Tinfoil Hat Brigade try to distract with all manner of ill considered historical NONSENSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is a reminder of what Muslim terrorists want us to forget:

Here is an article with timely advice for all Cdns- and especially women. With some comments of my own in brackets):

Stay vigilant about Sharia in Canada

By Candice Malcolm. Published: January 17, 2018. Updated: January 17, 2018 6:36 PM EST

Filed Under: Toronto SUN/ Opinion/ Columnists.

Protesters rally over motion M-103, the Liberal anti-Islamophobia motion, on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on March 21, 2017.Sean Kilpatrick / Canadian Press
Jihadist terrorists seek to destabilize our society through acts of war; meanwhile non-violent Islamists — driven by the same dogmatic ideology — work to quietly advance their cause and spread the doctrine of political Islam across the West.

(Muslims willing to behead you if you disagree with their violent and misogynist version of Islam are an IMMEDIATE DANGER! Muslims willing to patiently build political support until such time as they can garner the seats necessary to DEMAND that a Muslim controlled Cdn parliament immediately IMPOSE Sharia Law on us- with our Human Rights- but too often Wrong- Kangaroo Court Poobahs cooperating to FORCE any non Muslim into a legal status as a third class citizen- behind such political non entities as Muslim women and dogs represents a LONG TERM THREAT!)

Examples of Islamist practices seeping into our society are all around us, and perhaps the most concerning is the encroachment of Sharia Law.

What exactly is Sharia? It’s a set of guidelines and religious rules, stemming from the Islamic Quran and Hadith that guide Muslims and command an overall way of life. It’s more than just a legal system; Sharia dictates both the private moral teachings of the Islamic faith as well as strict public rules that all Muslims are commanded to live by.

(It is vital to recognise that interpretation of Sharia Law is no more exact than ancient Christian theological interpretations that resulted in the Catholic Inquisition and the arrest, torture and murder of Jews and Protrstants! \beware the radicals on ANY side of religious discussion! Happily we in the Christian west have separated Church and State and follow a mild and mellow version of Christianity that says murdering opponents is a MAJOR SIN! Sadly, Muslims have yet to reach such an understanding- hence the worry about LIE-beral immigration policy that besets the country! Muslim religious violence makes the worst of the “Irish Troubles” look like small kids whining in a playground!)

While there are different ways to interpret Sharia, and different Islamic countries impose the law in different ways, there are several core principles that are always evident in Sharia Law.

First, women are second-class citizens according to Sharia.

(With both Christian males and females well below the Muslim female status! If Sharia Law is ever imposed in Canada, it is likely the Caliphate will follow Ottoman Empire precedent and simply forbid non believers from ever voting!)

In Islamic court, a women’s testimony is worth half that of a man. In an Islamic marriage, this according to a 2013 presentation by current Toronto Police chaplain Musleh Khan, a woman must “be obedient to her husband at all times,” “she is obliged to serve her husband,” and she must “respect her husband as the main decision-maker of the house.”

(IN more radical Islamic courts- the female testimony is invalid for such things as an accusation of rape- UINLESS the female has 4 MALE witnesses! Failure to provide such corroborating testimony will result in a charge of PERJURY against the rape victim! There IS a reason why Muslim women seldom leave the home- even IF hubby gives permission! In addition, Sharia Courts often specify the death penalty for such things as rape and adultery- how will poor LIE-beral hug a thug judges react to that horror?)

Second, there is no separation of religion and politics — or mosque and state — in Sharia. The Islamic prophet Mohamed was both a political ruler and God’s messenger, and therefore, Sharia is meant to guide both public and private life.

(Three solid weeks of rioting ensued when the Pakistani Minster of Law forgot to properly praise Allah in a speech to their parliament!)

It is an all-encompassing religious and political system. That is why there are no secular Muslim countries. At best, Islamists want all Muslims to live under Sharia; at worst, they want it to govern every aspect of our society.

(Another extreme example of Muslim Law was displayed by Isis when they jammed wooden pencils into the ears of sinners- with the intention of breaking the ear drums so the sinners could never “sin” again! Certainly there are Christians such as some Methodists and others who believe dancing is a sin- but we can be assured such people would never stoop to breaking kneecaps so we would not dance/sin again! Radical Muslim theology is a creeping cancer.)

Third, our Western fundamental freedoms — freedom of conscience, freedom of religion, freedom of speech and freedom of association — are contrary to fundamental Sharia concepts.

In Islamic countries, there are apostasy laws against those who leave Islam (often punishable by death), as well as laws restricting the rights of non-Muslims and requiring them to pay additional taxes.

(Muslims revere Abraham, Isaac and Moses- but they also INSIST that the Prophet Mohamad is the last and final and irrevocable word of God. In addition, any Christian who speaks of “the Father, The Son and The Holly Ghost” is a “polytheist” who blasphemes by speaking of Allah as more than one idol. And EXECUTION is the common sentence for blasphemy- its why Danish cartoonists and French Charlie Hebdo satirists had to DIE! In short- the sort of casual talk you hear around the water cooler can get you BEATEN to death in the Caliphate!)

Under Sharia, artists, writers, poets and musicians are subject to blasphemy laws that restrict speech and prevent criticism of the Islamic prophet or of Islam itself.

(IT gets even messier when Muslim dictators use accusations of blasphemy to arrest political opponents! Just as Cdn LIE-berals are trying to do with their Islamophobia Hate Law! Its all about silencing critics by ANY MEANS!)

This is why so many Muslim activists in Canada are critical of M-103, the motion calling for a “whole-of-government approach” to “ending Islamophobia” – or at least labelling it as a hate crime in the Canadian legal code.

Without a specific definition of “Islamophobia,” Muslim activists fear that the motion’s author, Liberal MP Iqra Khalid, may intentionally or unintentionally be pushing for modern blasphemy laws.

Most Muslims in Canada are not Islamists. Most believe in the separation of politics and religion, and do not advocate for the doctrine of political Islam to be imposed on society.

Likewise, many Muslim immigrants who come to Canada are fleeing Sharia governance in pursuit of Western freedom and justice. The last thing they want is for Iranian laws, Saudi edicts or Islamic State brutality to follow them into Canada. The last thing we all want is for illiberal practices to undermine our fundamental freedoms.

(Muslims fleeing Sharia Law? Oh- that was then and this is now! Muslims now immigrating to Canada are no longer the cultured and educated elites- they are rank and file with views that ARE HARSH and critical of western theology! At the very least we should acknowledge the determination of Cdn Muslim voters to turn Canada away from traditional alliances with Untied States and Britain and make us take more overt action against IsraelWhen Our idiot Boy Justin was elected- one of his very first acts was to restore funding to terror group Hamas! In addition tens of thousands of Muslims brought into Canada by LIE-berals in 2016 came from refugee camps CONTROLLED by Hamas and Hezzbollah- LIE-berals have basically taken the word of TERRORISTS that Syrian Muslims are safe!)

We must, therefore, remain vigilant against the threat of stealth Sharia Law in Canada.

This is part of a series written by Malcolm examining the threat posed by radical Islamists to North America. For a free e-copy, visit

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