White Privilage

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Maya Rudolph Claims Some Of Her White Male ‘Saturday Night Live’ Colleagues Would Make Fun Of Her Hair
It's discrimination I tells ya

She's white isn't she? maybe it's not racism, maybe it's because she isn't a very good actress?

holy moley.
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holy moley.

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SNL has degenerated into a second frate string of not so funny comedians!!!!!!!!

They lack the raw talent to put on a FUNNY show week after week.......and have chosen to stretch their material with shock jock stuff......and apparently they try it out on each other first!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SNL has ALWAYS rub along a fine line between funny and shocking and tasteless........no suprise they get it wrong sometimes on that cutting edge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

God alone knows what sort of eruption John Belushi would have provided if somebody mocked HIS HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!