Murder of Brooke Hart and Lynching of the Killers

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Brook Hart, college friend of Jackie Coogan (child star whose mother and step-father blew through his millions . He sued them but only $250,000 was left. The "Coogan Bill' was enacted because of this), was kidnapped and murdered in 1933 by two men seeking to get $40,000 from his wealthy department store owning father.

They killed him one hour after they kidnapped him, and after his body was found and the men arrested, the public was so outraged (Mr. Hart was very well-liked and popular in his community) they stormed the jail, dragged the two men out, beat and lynched them. Several witnesses said Jackie Coogan was present and helped with the lynch rope.

Vigilante Justice! Kidnappers Lynched By An Angry Mob - November 26, 1933 - YouTube

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