Been trying to get involved with the political scene but it seems like the resources and enthusiasm is lacking, especially here in Canada.

Every now and then, I would pass by protests and rallies in downtown Toronto but these events are rarely publicized. US Presidential Candidate hopeful Ralph Nader came to Toronto earlier this year. Although the venue was relatively full, the turnout was still much less than my expectation. (Let's just say I arrived merely 10 minutes before the venue and still managed to get the best seat in the house.)

Even the weeks before the Federal Election, it was hard to find local MP debate times and townhall meetings, or Q&A periods.

If anyone could direct me to any centralized site where they would advertise these kind of events are held, it'd be much appreciated.

We are trying to build our own Event Calendar to keep track of these events seeing how we could not find any other resources. Please check it out at:
Toronto, Canada - Blables Community Classifieds

If you share the same concern and would like to build a better community, please feel free to post important events on the calendar too.


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