Students at University of Windsor vote for BDS

yes, Windsor has a university I guess and the kids in the hall are all mad. Proud too according to Mo'.

Students at the University of Windsor in Ontario passed a referendum supporting the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement targeting Israel.

The resolution, which passed on Saturday, will force the University of Windsor Student Alliance to cut ties with companies said to do business with Israel including Costco, Sears, Home Depot and Canadian Tire, and to look into whether their investment portfolio has any ties to the Jewish state, according to the Lance, the school’s student newspaper.

“We let all students voice their concerns on this issue, and so we feel that it makes a stronger statement.” Mohammed Almoayad, president of the school’s Palestinian Solidarity Group, told the Windsor Star. “We are very proud.”

U of W students pass controversial referendum to boycott Israel | Windsor Star
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Well it is a free country. The stupid can not shop whereever they please. It does show that the radical Nazis are alive and well and dumb as ever.
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Waste em all. Damned students, always making trouble.
Israel is being shunned by a world fed up with murdering liars.
I need a CC Program to remember who's on first re: the whole jew-thing.
Jew thing? You mean like a bagel?
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Jew thing? You mean like a bagel?

No brother, maybe it's my missing tooth...



this other douche is immaterial

AH SO, I sometimes have trubbles mit yor accent.

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