Should Canada charge The United States of America for Blasphemy?

The United States of America have lied under oath, in the media, and to the public and God that they are the country "America" and are "Americans" when there is no legal country recognized by any government in the world as "America".

U.S. Citizens have been claiming to be "American" for centuries when in fact, the term "American" is merely just slang for an inhabitant of the Americas.


1) The Americas are recognized Continent-Wide through every government in America and worldwide as "The Continent".

2) America is slang for The United States of America, and does not posses any legal doctrine stating The United States of America is "America". Please refer to "United States" in shortform.

3) There is no lawfull country named "America" recognized by any government in the world, even in the U.S.A.

4) There are no governments in the Americas issuing American Citizenship. ("U.S. Citizenship" in the U.S.A. are only issued) and not American Citizenship.

5) No lawfull doctrine stating a U.S. Citizen or Continent-Wide Citizen is lawfully an "American".

6) "American" is slang for an inhabitant of the Americas and not a name at all.

7) As stated before, "American" is slang and there is no lawfull American citizen recognized by any Department of Customs. (U.S. Citizens must say U.S. Citizen).

Again, "American" is not a word, it is slang.

American(s) is just slang, and should be treated that way lawfully.

LIES LIES LIES to everyone even god, we should charge these so-called unlawfull Americans for blasphemy to the public!

Here is Mexico, they call them the equivalent of "USians" in Spanish.
slow news day I guess...... or just a day for the slow minded.

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