NDP Have BIG plans in BC again!!!

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Well, Carole James has BIG PLANS!
- No more tuition hikes (not even with inflation)
- Class size limits made into Union Contracts (meaning the schools can't use their own best judgement)
- More spending on Healthcare and Education
- No increase in Taxes!

I wonder how the NDP plans on paying for all of this without an increase in taxes!!!

I sincerely hope BC voters remember back to the last time the NDP were in power. Canada flourished while BC went down the toilet, and our Credit rating was downgraded TWICE, costing the BC taxpayers MILLIONS in additional interest charges.
We have a forum now for bc politics, there is a thread there about BC elections if you are interested. I am not going to take your poll tho, I am not sure who I am voting for, I only know its not the liberals.
Yes - I am new, I saw that BC forum after I posted this topic. I am definately voting Liberal, however, I do not have a problem with a small oppostion.
I don't have a problem with a small liberal opposition either :P
If the NDP gets in, we are in serious trouble! BC cannot afford to go backwards another 5 years. The debt that the NDP inncurred during their reign will take us over 40 years to pay back. What a legacy to leave our kids.

I know business owners who say they will move their businesses to Alberta if the NDP returns. Do Albertans live in poverty compared to us? Afterall, they have a very RIGHT WING government! Of course not. Alberta is RICH! They don't even have a provincial debt! And it isn;t ALL thanks to OIL either. Alberta has plans to eliminate the provinical portion of their income taxes as well. Oh yeah, no sales tax. We can have that in BC too if we stay the course with a financially responsible government.
"The debt that the NDP inncurred during their reign will take us over 40 years to pay back. What a legacy to leave our kids. "

Sounds familiar....

How much did debt did they leave in their wake?
Rome wasn't built in a day - it takes time to turn things around - it has only been 5 years, and this province was in a BIG mess
Those really are not facts and figures tho sig, its rehortic. Could you be more specfic.

Alberta is RICH! They don't even have a provincial debt!

whoa there insignificant.....i think they paid a pretty high price. ask a few older people who happen to made alberta their home and i am sure they would let you know what it is really like. they may be RICH but it comes with a PRICE!
NDP left us with:
* 2.6 BILLION/yr interest payments!
* doubled taxpayer supported debt
* Highest personal income tax rates in CANADA
* $2 Bil. in new taxes over 10 years

Our Credit-Rating DOWNGRADES in that time speak for themselves. Has that happened in Alberta EVER? At least we have had one up-grade in the last 5 years.
"whoa there insignificant.....i think they paid a pretty high price. ask a few older people who happen to made alberta their home and i am sure they would let you know what it is really like."

My Grandparents are in their 80's and live in Alberta - they seem VERY happy with the services they receive!

There is a difference when your government HAS money to pay for Health Care as opposed to a province which is a HAVE-NOT province!
sig you are still not dealing any facts and figures. Are you asking us to decide without even seriously looking into the past and present?

So lets see the liberals claim they have a 1.74 billion dollar for the coming year, but lets ask the question: how much of this is due to BC Liberal economic policy applied to the province?
But wait a minute here.....

1 billion in equalization payment from the Federal Government, because matters are 'so booming' in our economy that we still are considered a have not province deserving of equalization payments. Thats kinda strange don't you think?? mmmmmm I am starting to agree with some of this statement.

large transfer payments from the Federal government in the health and education sectors. No merit can be claimed by the BC Liberals on that score, we have the population, ergo we get the transfer payments just like other provinces.

Then we have the revenues from the home and commercial construction sectors, largely because interest rates are the lowest in about 50 years - once again no merit to the BC Liberals.

Yes, we have high resource revenues but that is because of world commodity prices and demand, especially for oil, natural gas and coal - surely, the BC Liberals can't claim merit for that. In fact, much of the natural gas revenues from North East BC are due to the framework laid down by the previous NDP government.

Let us not forget to count the extra revenues from increased BC Medical premiums. Then expanded gambling revenus: remember when " they" were against gambling expansion; then more monies from the Property Transfer tax - once again related to home construction.

Tourism revenues are up, but that is due to the value of our looney versus the Euro/US dollar and the fact that Canada is perceived as a 'safe' destination for Americans and Europeans. Of course, we should not forget the increased revenues from massive raw log exports - now that is a BC Liberal economic strategy that makes sense - export jobs along with the raw logs!

Most importantly, a good portion of that surplus (perhaps $700 million or so) is the result of massive cut-backs and/or closures of schools, hospitals, emergency care facilities, women's centres, privatization of Crown assets, the slashing of the civil service by many thousands of people, etc.

Yes, it is agreed that there has been an increase of approximately $2 billion in spending in the health sector--but ask yourself where has that money come from, and should the BC Liberals legitimately claim merit for those increased revenues?

Yes, agreed there has been a little over a billion in increased spending in the education sector, some for K- K12, and a larger portion for colleges and universities - but how much of that money is from federal transfer payments and the result of massively increased tuition hikes foisted on the backs of students? Once again - I give low marks to the BC Liberals for the increased expenditures in these vital sectors.

In my estimation the BC Liberals and their economic strategy is not the cause of the "boom'" in the BC economy. Rather the 'business cycle" in terms of construction and commodity prices just happens to have favored BC during this last two or years, and a large part of that surplus is the result of the massive cut-backs and off-loading on the backs of many segments of the population. Then we have the increased user fees - to numerous to mention.

Coming soon are the Olympic infrastructure, and transportation infrastructure expenditures. Most of those monies will again come from the Federal government not the BC Liberal strategy.

In my view the BC Liberals have been grossly incompetent with respect to the management of our economy. Many regions and many segments of the population have been hurt by their massive tax breaks, and their mean-spirited, slash and burn tactics of the past four years.

Discounted in all this analysis - is an analysis of one of the substantial factors for the booming BC economy - the "bc bud" underground economy - profits from this renewable resource are no doubt widely circulated in the "legitimate" sectors.

Let me tell you - in would take more than many months of inhaling "bc bud" before I could even come close to believing yet another BC Fiberal deception --and I don't smoke anything--so there is no hope there!
good for them, but i think that there are still a few people in alberta who take offence to the way the government is run. i just happen to mention the elderly in alberta, but i think their health care, education and social programs may need a little tinkering.

as far as what the ndp did while in government, we can all go down that road. i guess i look for a more 'humanities' style of government rather than for the corporate style that the present government seems to endorse.
I have three kids in school and i can tell you first hand the Libs have ripped the system apart Theres no more class helpers all the equipment is run down and the books are old and in taters .The real sad thing though is teachers that have been in the school for years being shuffled out the door because of cut backs .They have changed 22 teachers in the last 2 years in this one school .All the kids used to know them all now it takes them 3/4 of the year to know who the teachers are Great for learning eh?
A TAX-AND-SPEND approach isn't going to fix anything! Who is going to pay the debt? It eventually has to be paid. Government needs to be approached like your own personal finances are.
Whos spending like mad right now ?
Do you have another explantion sig besides the one I posted above as to what the liberals credit the 1.74 billion surplus for. If it is not from the outline above, could you show me or outline for me how that surplus was obtained. Seriously, its one thing to obtain a surplus, quite another to fudge the reason why.

A TAX-AND-SPEND approach isn't going to fix anything!

isn't that what we have right now?
not provincially - mainly federally
Campbell has done nothing but spend spend spend for the last couple of months where the hell have you been
please keep in mind that the liberals were originally planning on a very small surplus - not the extremely large one they ended up with - I think it originally was supposed to be along the lines of 150mil - we all no that the big part of that surplus came from our have-not status which has now been removed (which I think is a good thing) There's no reason we should be classified in the same boat as the maratime provinces
I think you are wrong there sig, but I will look up the information as soon as I have time. One thing I would like to make really clear tho, no matter who gets voted in, we need to have a oppostion, and one with some influence and power.
I agree with the spending - I am very right wing when it comes to tax dollars, and I dissagree with a lot of the spending announcments. I think the liberals may be trying to make a lot of left wing voters happy. i think that they should hold the course and work on paying down our debt and looking at reducing our taxes even further.
"One thing I would like to make really clear tho, no matter who gets voted in, we need to have a oppostion, and one with some influence and power."

I agree with that 100% - even if I can't STAND the NDP
See :P most of us bc'er are reasonable people. I got another novel idea as well, I won't call the liberals names or any other party. Why don't we just examine the facts of each one. So how should be do this?? Anyone got a plan?
easy - completely ignore posts with name calling
Not to mention that Alberta has the lowest unemployment rate in Canada also.
No I don't think so, I want this to be a real discussion, so I do have the go ahead to delete trolling.
If Alberta did not have all that oil and if oil was not at record prices Alberta would be in a diferent boat. Remember the early 80's? All it would take is oil to tank and Alberta and Klein would be crying poor.

Also Since Campbell got in there are a lot more people making $6 bucks an hour.

I am not saying Campbell did everything wrong but remember he cut and cut to get where we are now.

Increased msp fees, increased prescription costs for seniors. Most of the new jobs are low paying service jobs. Most of the jobs in the newspapers are minimum wage or just above.

When I renewed my drivers license in 2000 it cost $45 for five years, when I renewed it last September it cost $75. We have the highest liquor taxes in North America hence thats why our beer, whiskey are the highest priced anywhere in all of North America.

He let those fish farmers off on hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines and warned them about upcoming inspections, he re instated the Grizzley hunt (when he knew the numbers were in conflict and declining) so his rich buddies could have fun.

Closing hospitals and downgrading a great many as well. Ripping up contracts, conttacting out good paying jobs of hospital workers to mainly forgein owned companies that pay half as what they were making with almost no benefits.

Campbell is really only a friend to big business who exploit workers by paying low wages and very few if any, benifits.
there seems to be 2 topics with same name and 3 topics that have same conversation here. Anyway to put them in one?

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