Nebraska woman tried to carve tattoo off boyfriend's neck, cops say | News.com.au


AN American woman was facing charges after she tried to carve her tattooed name off her boyfriend's neck following a fight.

Tressa Amerson, 19, from Nebraska, was arrested on Friday after she got into an argument with boyfriend Ronald Miner, 30, The Smoking Gun reported.

Miner told police the fight started because Amerson thought he “broke her car.” He added that she then grabbed a knife and tried to use it to cut the tattoo of her name off his neck.

Officers said that there appeared to be two scratch marks on the victim’s neck. A small paring knife, believed to be the weapon, was recovered from the scene, the report said.

Amerson denied the claim, telling cops she was “sleeping all day.”

She was being held in Lancaster County jail pending a hearing expected later today.

Let this be a lesson to all..... tattoos of people's names on your body will more often then not, cause more problems then they'll solve.