Should we be negotiating with the Taliban to resolve the Afghanistan war?

CBC News
The Bush administration is considering making changes to its war strategy in Afghanistan in light of rising levels of violence and an increasingly complex insurgent threat, Defence Secretary Robert Gates said Thursday.

Gates did not say the current U.S. approach in Afghanistan is failing or explicitly call for a change of direction. He alluded, instead, to the 2007 makeover of U.S. strategy in Iraq and suggested in an interview with a group of reporters that the administration is reconsidering fundamental aspects of its strategy.

Momentum for peace talks with the Taliban is building after Pakistani and Afghan leaders yesterday declared an "urgent and imperative" need for negotiations.

The dire state of Pakistan's economy is widely believed to be contributing towards the rush to negotiate with the Taliban and other militants.

Should we be negotiating with the Taliban to resolve the Afghanistan war?

Sure why not?

Oh... we don't negotiate with terrorists? Well the biggest one of them all is our ally, so I don't see why not.
Negotiating works, plenty of examples to draw that conclusion from. Plus it saves lives and costs less.

Trying doesn't hurt, packing your ideology up seems to.
I agree, negotiating is a good idea.


Not appeasement. If the Taliban are going to negotiate, then they better have something to offer. Without voiding their reason for existing, I don't see a whole lot they can give up.

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