IOC : Vancouver is in the final four for 2010 Olympic bid

Today at about 4am PST (GMT-0800) the International Olympic Committee announced that Vancouver was in the final four for the 2010 Winter Olympic Bid.

Vancouver ranked second overall amongst the final four, a shade out of first place.

I think and I hope that we get the 2010 Olympics. By 2010 it will have been 22 years since Canada has hosted the Olympics, and after they past up the Toronto 2008 bid, I think Vancouver has a really good shot at getting this.

Would be nice for the economy and not to mention the Sea to Sky highway would be nice anyways
Yes it is pretty sweet and will be nicer next year when they announce who will be hosting it im pretty sure vancouver will get it!
wow hard to believe no one else will touch this subject.. sad world
Polls done in Vancouver show that the majority of people would rather see the billions put into education and health care instead of a ten day party for the rich.

I used to drive the Whistler Highway (sea to sky) about forty times a year as part of my work. The highway is fine. The rich folk just want a better highway. No one from the middle class can afford a place in Whistler. Whistler is an elitist town.

There is no guarantee that the games will make money. We already face a 5 billion dollar short fall this year. Now they want to spend billions more. What will that do to health care and education?

My neighbor volunteers herself at the local food bank. she said the amount of people using the bank have gone up by forty percent since the Liberals took power in BC. There are more homeless sleeping on the streets around my neighborhood. This is what cost cutting does during a bad economy. Now they want to pour billions more of my tax dollars into games for the worlds wealthy why the locals can barely afford to live let alone afford a ticket to the games in their own town.

Its a big scam. It is Campbells way of saying thank you to all the corporate sponsors that helped put his business friendly party in power.
The economy will fail completely within the next 18 months, look at the trend. Kinda sucks some morons voted in the liberals
Well I dont want it. And in the upcomong plebisite I will be voting no. I am sure the no vote will win. We need the Olympics like a hole in the head.
I'm new here. Sorry to just jump in.

But I agree with you. I don't want the olympics here either. I don't want to see the rent go up further. Before expo 86 you could still afford to rent a apartment downtown. Now? Not unless you have an excellent paying job or 6 roommates!

The olympics will cause the prices in Vancouver to increase again. Not good.

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