Pet owner grieves after Alberta town has cat killed by mistake
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June 27, 2018
June 27, 2018 11:34 PM EDT
INNISFAIL, Alta. — A family in central Alberta is grieving after their pet cat Mikey was euthanized by mistake.
Mike Piesse says Mikey escaped from their home in Innisfail on June 8.
The unlicensed pet was captured, but the bylaw officer didn’t correctly follow the municipality’s bylaws, and Mikey was put down by a veterinarian.
The Town of Innisfail says it accepts responsibility for Mikey’s untimely death.
The report submitted by the bylaw officer said the cat was ill and did not have microchip identification, but the town says the report was inaccurate — Mikey was healthy and microchipped.
The bylaw officer, who has not been named, has since resigned.
“It isn’t our intent to see any cat euthanized or any animal euthanized,” said Michelle Honeyman, director of community service for the Town of Innisfail.
“As we review our bylaws and procedures, we want to ensure that euthanization is a last resort and not a first.”
Town officials say Mikey was the first cat to be euthanized in Innisfail.
The town normally post photos of seized or missing pets on its Facebook page in an attempt to reunite the animals with their owners.
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