Six-week old baby murdered:16 year old girl in Custody

This is such a terrible story it is hard to write about and also the details are sketchy.

On Sunday, this past weekend, the police were called to a home in Saskatoon. They rushed a six-week old boy to Royal University Hospital where he died of his injuries.

As a result of their investigation a 16 year old girl is in custody.

I am not sure about the whole story other than the fact that the subject of the investigation, is not a member of his family.

What animal could do such a revolting act.

Look it up on your own so you get the proper facts.

Father-Mother God
Loving me
Guard me while I sleep
Guide my little feet up to thee.
She never should be allowed day release from Kilburn.

WTF? Now I hope she is tried as an adult and sent to the forensics unit for a long long time.

F-cking savage.
Saskatoon family say they invited unknown teen into home day before baby killed - Saskatchewan - CBC News
"there is a killer on the road
his brain is squirming like a toad..."
Idle no more.
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Could have went all day without reading this.