Minutemen to Patrol US/Mexico Border


Minutemen step up US border patrol
30 Sep 2005 17:07:32 GMT

Source: Reuters

By Tim Gaynor

BROWNSVILLE, Texas, Sept 30 (Reuters) - A U.S. militia group will launch a month-long sweep for illegal immigrants along the border with Mexico this weekend, stepping up a campaign that has raised fears of violence.

Volunteers plan to gather at seven sites between San Diego, California, and Brownsville, Texas, throughout October to scour the deserts for illegal immigrants and report them to the U.S. Border Patrol so they can be arrested.

The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps began their controversial patrols in Arizona in April and spin-off groups later held similar operations in California.

Now, for the first time, the Minutemen are taking their protest to all four U.S. states along the porous 2,000-mile (3,200-km) border with Mexico beginning on Saturday.

The Minutemen, who take their name from an American Revolution militia, are keeping the specific locations secret for fear they might attract protesters, who clashed with breakaway militia patrols in California.

"It is being very tightly controlled this time because the opposition has blatantly said that they are going to direct violence at our volunteers," Minuteman founder Chris Simcox told Reuters in a telephone interview.

"Our patrols will be held on private ranch land ... Our volunteers have been well-trained and know how to deal with protesters if they do get near us and will report them to local law enforcement," he added.

In July, protesters scuffled with breakaway California Minutemen volunteers in Campo, a border town southeast of San Diego.

Some of the Minutemen were armed. U.S. President George W. Bush has called them "vigilantes" and Mexico's government dubbed the group "migrant hunters."

The Minutemen insist they are simply filling a gap in U.S. law enforcement and drawing attention to the government's failure to secure U.S. land borders.

"We will be going home when the government sends troops or the National Guard to secure the border," Simcox said. "Until then, the patrols will continue."

While most of their attention is focused on the frontier with Mexico, which millions of immigrants cross illegally every year, they also plan vigils in areas on the Canadian border.


The growth of the Minuteman patrols has stirred stiff opposition among Latino activists and many residents in towns and cities along the U.S.-Mexico border.

The California-based Brown Berets, a Mexican-American group that was allied with the revolutionary U.S. Black Panther Party in the 1960s, has vowed to confront the Minuteman volunteers during their October vigil.

An Arizona rights group, the Border Action Network, distributed posters to stores in Naco, Douglas and Nogales on the Mexican border this week, declaring the communities "hate-free zones" and saying "racist vigilantes" are unwelcome.

In Texas earlier this year, 11 state senators urged Gov. Rick Perry to oppose the Minuteman patrols, saying they could "negatively affect tourism and trade along the border" and make law enforcement "more dangerous and difficult."

In the sweltering border city of Brownsville, a court this month passed a resolution opposing the presence of "Minutemen or other vigilante groups" along a stretch of the Rio Grande in Cameron County.

The volunteers range from retired servicemen and off-duty law enforcement officers to businessmen and office workers.
If you go to the BC thread you will see a topic on how they are patrolling the Canadian border now.

They are basically a bunch of gun toting racist thugs.
Whatever works. If it discourages illegal immigration, then I am all for it, on both sides of the border.

There is official paperwork to fill out to those wanting to immigrate to the US. What is wrong with waiting like many others have done? No one is telling these folks they can't come, simply follow the rules like other immigrants have done from both Mexico and Canada. Trying to get ahead of everyone else through illegal immigration causes more harm than good. Many folks die needlessly in hot desert temperatures each year while walking through the desert.
We had one of yours here last Winter who very nearly froze to death,trying to locate his internet sweetie..yes,we had an illegal American immigrant Patrolling our borders ,eh? Hoping they all get frostbite or worse.
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In the run-up to Arizona’s “papers please” law and the ugly 2010 tea party midterm elections, Minuteman founder and all-around wackjob Chris Simcox became another Fox News darling.

The network gave the bigoted border hawk airtime to launch his highly unsuccessful campaign to unseat Senator John McCain, who Simcox and many others on the far right considered too lenient on immigration ( they still do ).

In those Fox News segments, Simcox says “people are excited” about his campaign and the money is flowing in. Sure. He also talks glowingly about his experience as an elementary school teacher, and now we know why he went into that profession: he’s a friggin’ child molester.

Chris Simcox, the former leader of the Minuteman border vigilante group, was sentenced to 19.5 years in prison Monday, bringing an end to a sex-abuse case involving two girls under 10.

A Maricopa County Superior Court jury found Simcox, 55, guilty last month of two counts of child molestation and one count of furnishing obscene material to a minor after a three-week trial.

Ex-Minuteman Chris Simcox sentenced to 19.5 years in child sex-abuse case

“He is not to be trusted within society. He is not to be trusted with children… He should be kept away from children for as long as possible.” Heck, Simcox’s former wife called him a “dangerous predator,” since his own daughter was among the victims.

Some of those old Fox News YouTube clips featuring Simcox were posted by militia groups, and the comments, up until three years ago, used to express support for him. Now, not so much: “Mr Simcox I used to agree with u u rapist scumbag.”

Any wonder they are called minute men.
Quote: Originally Posted by tay View Post

In the run-up to Arizona’s “papers please” law and the ugly 2010 tea party midterm elections

Nothing ugly about the 2010 Midterms... arrogant Democrats got tossed out on their azzes hard from the House and almost lost the Senate.
Think of all the killer drone pilots that will be employed, better yet, flip a button and it flies on auto pilot including the heat seeking munition.
There is a 'wall' that makes the whole border a \no man's land and it helps in the development on hovering drones as being the 'guard towers on the wall'. The spinoff would be home security done the same way. The current agreement between Canada and the US (probably Mexico as well) would allow combine pilots from Canada to join the Canadian military and that would allow them to be the drone pilots on the 'fence-line' between the US/Mexico.
The American Police said they would start adopting military tactics at gatherings now, whatever that means. Probably live rounds as the first resort rather than the last one. Own snipers to patrol the 'high ground' would be a military tactic as would a host of other things. You'll know you are in drone country when you 'plate' takes up the whole roof of the vehicle and readers are at ever set of lights and maybe every light-pole for 'protected zones'. Networking all that would need a lot of hands on before it was automatic.
Take what London is like and improve it so home subscribers also have access to the same cameras. At the very least have NHL at Home allow you to enter a player's number and you get the best camera angle from any of the 50 stationary cameras automatically. A Premium account would allow a camera to pan the player of choice whenever he was on the ice.
If 1984 is here then we might as well design and manufacturer some of the hardware needed when 500M people are spying on each other (no higher hidden level) Politicians are virtual people created by the view of the people from that specific 'district'.

The hovering drones might be too small to rescue a stranded flood victim but it could deliver some food and a smart phone and the 'victim' is 'saved' that way. An auto-gyro version that is powered up by the ground support vehicle would mean the spinning blades and a cargo hook would be the main components and no engine or fuel is required and steering is in the launch angle and remote control from the said ground support vehicle. A military version would deliver some sort of bomb to the enemy or supplies to a surrounded friendly..

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Any wonder they are called minute men.

Cheech and Chong dealing with Murphy's Laws was my first thought as the quality of the Yanks available for border patrol.

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