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We have reviewed several linux distributions; the ones we have reviewed are the user friendly types, here's are the links:

Knoppix Review: http://www.canadiancontent.net/tech/reviews/Knoppix/

Lindows 4.0: http://www.canadiancontent.net/tech/reviews/Lindows+4.0/

Mepis Linux: http://www.canadiancontent.net/tech/reviews/Mepis+Linux/

If you have experience or something you'd like to share with our Reviewer, Mike Levy, please post in this thread related to Linux Reviews. Also, if you found a resource piticularly helpful, let us know! Post the link here
i would not use any of those distros if you paid me to! suse, redhat and debain are the only ones i could trust enough with the right updates to use on my own system. the others are just ripoffs of the real big ones like mandrake and redhat. if you want real good linux, forget about lindows and especially knoppix
Knoppix isn't that bad...
Well, Lindows is Bull Crap to be really honest... The only good thing is that it only takes about 5mins to install the whole os...
I'm a hardcore Linux-freak. I use it everyday both in commercial and personal environments and can say the following:

- I agree with cookies and Cyberm4n. I don't really use other distros than Redhat 7.2, Mandrake, Debian, Slackware, Fedora, Redhat Enterprise Linux and SuSE

- Cookies is right. Lindows is crap and just a quick ripoff of Microsoft's success and the love to hate and defy Microsoft.

- Slackware is my favourite distro right after SuSE for personal use. RHEL is probably the best bet for business solutions, I've found it great for that.
For production boxes I use Red Hat Enterprise and for home use Slackware.

A matter of personal opinion, security and scalability.

The above OS's are REALLY questionable at best. I don't think I'd install any of them.

Last time I used lindows as a beta tester it was a little more than a piece of crap.

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