Apparently Skype has been crashed since yesterday which I did notice too when I was trying to contact some people abroad.
Any other alternatives of reliable internet phone service out there by any chance?


Skype struggles to return to full service
By Sarah Jane Tribble
Mercury News
Article Launched: 08/18/2007 01:41:12 AM PDT

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As users of Skype - the world's most popular Internet telephone service - struggled to get online Friday, the company continued to ask for patience.
Skype, which is owned by eBay, first reported outages Thursday, blaming a software glitch. By Friday morning, Skype had updated its Web page to tell users it was "on the road to recovery."
"Skype is stabilizing, but this process may continue throughout the day," the heartbeat.skype.com blog stated. "An encouraging number of users can now use Skype once again. We know we're not out of the woods yet, but we are in better shape now than we were yesterday."