Alberta mom fights to get child back from gov't

CTV News
Why did the Alberta government take a child from the only good home she's ever known? CTV's Whistleblower investigates.

why was she unable to protect the girl from her brother, so said?

Instead of getting rid of the brother why didn't she work to solve the problem?

It seems like she was attached to the girl, but didn't try to resolve the issues with the boy...

I think it likely would have played out differentlly if she took the approach to help both them rather than just the girl.
hopefully everything works out.. I would hope that the foster parent wuld still be allowed interaction and some role in the childs life. I think we should be able to have multiple caregivers, as long as the social roles are agreed upon. I don't see how or why a parent would refuse support from the public in raising the children they care for. The more of society that gives the better. We just need to have a working arangement. We shouldn't deprive the capacity to care.
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The thing that would determine that we would move the child, would be determination that the child would be at risk emotionally, physically or otherwise -- and there is always more to the story that certainly we can describe in public," Riddle said.

And this is often true... there is probably more to the story than that which has already been published. Moreover, I do believe, personally, that if one is going to assume the responsibilities of fostering children, one must, and should be aware of the fact that some children are going to be damaged psychologically... one should never go into fostering with idealistic emotions of getting the perfect child. We don't know that the foster mother, already having a boy of her own, didn't decide that she would just have prefered two children ie: A boy and a girl, and that the girl's brother was 'surplus' to her requirements. It does happen.


The little girl's teacher later described the scene, in a letter written in support of the mother: "I was in shock and could not understand why they were doing that to that poor child who was in a loving and caring family," the teacher wrote. "She was asking to say goodbye to her (foster) brother, but she was not allowed. She was asking to say goodbye to her friends, but she was not allowed. It was horrible to see her in that big of a distress."

That the proceedure of removing the child was carried out in the way that it was, and at that venue, her school, was in my opinion callous, cruel and despicable. There may have been a 'scene' at the foster mothers home on removal, but at least it would have been a private affair, not public, and could have been handled far more sensitively than it was by removing her from school in the middle of class. What kind of moronic idiot decided on this despicable action...
To have a child removed from a home should take more than a decision by one person, too often they abuse their authority!
The boy was obviously more traumatized by the abuse he had sustained before he moved into this house,...he should of been counselled often for what he had had to endure...he is the older child, so he had to endure it longer than his younger sibling.
With him abusing, and traumatizing his new family to the point where the Mother of the home, made the decision to have him removed, he must of been causing major chaos/damage, and negative effects. I wonder if she did ask for help before this? I know a few people that have requested counselling, etc. but were refused it because of costs!
One situation that comes to mind is the Lady who worked for Canada Post, who had asked for help for her troubled, violent, learning disabled son, over a course of years...she never got it...was about to have him removed from the home via a court restraint, which she hated to do, but was at a loss for answers... before it was to take place, he jumped out of the bushes in Stanley Park, and put an Asian student in a wheelchair for the rest of her life....she was beaten beyond recognition. The Government let us down by not providing the necessary care he needed, now the young student will pay for it for the rest of her life!

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