bed/mattress alternatives?

when i moved my bed and mattress from downstairs to the second floor, it took 2 people. i had a lot of problems as the stairs was on a curve.

by the time it got up, i would usally just slide it across the floor on the side.

i will be moving soon, and this 75 x 30" thing is going to be trouble some. especially if it involves stairs, and likely it will. even without the curve, it will still be troublesome making its way to the room.

i was wondering if there are any alternatives that is lite.

i looked around, and saw an air bed. an inflatable bed that can be prepared with a pump. but i was wondering if it would deflate in time and have to repump it again. also, there is always a concern of something sharp hitting it.

another consideration i was thinking of is, using a hammock as a bed. i was very concerned about spinal effects from sleeping on a hammock as a bed. is sleeping in a hammock as a bed a bad thing? many people say it is, but i am not sure if this is just a myth. i did some researched. all pros/cons is backed up by product endorsements or marketing propaganda. yes, including the chiropractors' opinions; i see product endorsing comments.

are there any parties i can rely on trusty information?

anyone have any alternatives? (no sleeping mats!)

or comments on the above 2 i have mentioned?
I use an inflatable bed at times. When company is over. (Use it camping too) I have a pump I plug in at blows it up in minutes, they come in various sizes and are very comfortable. Easy to put away if you dont have much room or a large place. I find it more comfortable than my normal bed.

Futons on the other hand are easy to move but not very comfortable to sleep on either.

I have never slept in a hammock so can't comment there.

I used to live on a second floor too back in my youth and had a hide a bed, it was heavy and awkward and I left it when I moved out of that place. Too much of a pain to move. It was older anyways.

Get a big air matress or air bed. Thats what I would do.

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