Canada plays neutral in File-sharing war

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Sven Eriksen
Nice article, Andem.

It sounds a lot like "File-sharing legal in Canada, judge rules"
As it should be. We pay too much taxes. It is about time to get somwthing back.
Quote: Originally Posted by moghrabi

As it should be. We pay too much taxes. It is about time to get somwthing back.

we do pay a lot in taxes, moghrabi. what about the taxes we pay on 'mediums' designed for audio recordings? we don't see anything back from that. it's the record companies that get that tax, or am i wrong? either way, there's nothing that can ever stop someone from downloading something. even if paul martin or stephen harper change the law, canadian laws are based from the old british system which is very vague in copyrights (please correct me if im wrong on that point). i like the way he calls canada a pirate's haven, sort of funny when you think about it.

Canada is seemingly becoming a pirate's haven

So by that token and the entire article as a whole are you endorsing the download of music, movies and files from the internet without downloaders paying a dime?

Or is it that you yourself do this quite often yourself?

I realize that we pay a high premium for music, movies and videos because of a few things, one of the major ones being people pirating the goods thus making it less profitable for artists and producers.

I know the costs don't justify as they should, they are already paid way too much for their works, however if you like something enough to download and keep it, why not buy it?

Unless your cheap?
After a long absense I proudly announce, CANADA IS BACK TO KICK SOME @$$!

Nice article, but it makes out all Canadians to be 'evil' pirating nerds or something... ??
we already pay a levy on blank media and mp3 players so it's really hard to feel guilty. However, if I liked the music I would probably purchase it. Personally, I'm just waiting for Itunes to come to Canada.
Since the goverment is already collecting the medi levy for recordable media, they are effectively making the average canadian pay for a "percieved copying of copyrighted material". In other words we are being charged for any copying that we might do. We can always argue about how unfair it is etc. but the bottom line is that if copying becomes illegal, then the levy must be removed. Otherwise all canadians are being accused and fined for performing an illegal act.


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