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Free software alternatives!

By Mike Levy

This article is going to show you how you can accomplish tasks with similar or even better software. Why spend money on software when there are alternatives for almost every single category of applications that is being used on a daily basis?

There are many programs out there that can do the job for free, but not a lot of people have heard or wanted to try the alternatives. Granted there is a lot of popularity behind name brand software that comes from Microsoft, Symantec, Adobe and more, but how many people have heard of OpenOffice, AVG, and other products to do the same tasks?

I do beleive that people sometimes think that if it's free that its not that good, or there is some type of catch to it. Granted there are tons of shareware and freeware files, but we are going to look at files that are completely free and provide a great alternative to spending hundreds of dollars for similar software.

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