Exotic Hardwood flooring

Teak Parquet flooring and Decking are suitable for indoor and outdoor purposes. It is tropical Hardwood which has got rich texture.

feel nature at your feets by installing teak parquet flooring, decking in your home,.apt...housing estates..... etc

Grade A&B Mixed
Mc is 11% or less KD
Colour , Gold brown ( light , medium)

Those who are interested feel free to contact us by email or fax


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feel nature at my feets?
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feel nature at my feets?

yes, i could say that, it is wood.
I'd have to walk around with no socks on.
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yes, i could say that, it is wood.

Do you think you could have said "Feel nature at your feet" though? I mean it is the proper way to say it Mr. Spammer.
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Nooo don't correct him. It ruins my fantasy of having feets of strength with nature in awe of my feets.

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