New Hearing Aids

For the last 16 years I've used hearing aids to overcome a hearing loss that started clost to twenty years ago. I found myself
stuck out on the edge of any conversation. My most used words were "I beg your pardon", or " "what did you say".
My first hearing aids were a big improvement and even though they were very simple, they still cost close to a thousand
dollars for each ear.
A couple days ago I got new hearing aids and my world changed dramatically. The new hearing aids are completely digital
and some of the things they do are amazing. If there is a lot of background noise, the new hearing aids will fade it out
automatically and at the same time they will amplify your conversation. I held off getting these new hearing aids because of the
cost($5000.00)but they are well worth the price. I wish I had got them sooner. I spent a couple days letting the audiologist
program my hearing loss into the hearing aids. The results are a miracle, My hearing is perfect, and
I forget I'm even wearing them.
Ron in Regina
Awesome stuff!
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I worked in the mines in a three-man drift crew, where the work was done in an eight by eight hole in solid rock, with three jacklegs running for about 7 and a half hour of an eight hour shift. If you ever heard street crews using air hammers, multiply that by three in an enclosed place and then you know what I am talking about.

Luckily, my hearing never got impaired, perhaps because I managed to get out on time and found the quiet world of computer programming.

For those who were not so fortunate, I really DO hope that you can still hear the beautiful chirping of an early bird. Or the sounds of your favourite band. Or the first words of your grandchild.

I wish you the best luck of finding the best hearing aid, if you need one and if you don't, the best luck that you will never need one.

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