Found Two Great Free Software Products

For the past seven hours I spent cleaning my old dinosaur of a computer.

I noticed that it slowed down a lot in the past couple of months to a crawl.

I was even considering getting a new computer.

But the tinkering side of me got the better of me and off I went to Google to explore.

My problem that my hard drive space was so low and I could not even do a defrag and my disc cleaner was not cleaning enough.

I found a web site that I downloaded two products and if you want to give a donation you can but you donít have to.

I tried a program called CCleaner that cleaned up a lot of junk one accumulates on the hard drive that you donít know about and the other program called the Defaggler, which did a good job of defragging my hard drive.

So far it is working well and I got more speed on my computer so I will hang onto it for a while longer.

Kind of reminds me of an old car I had a long time ago where I was keeping it alive with Slick50.

Research does pay.
I have no experience with this product but if I land on a site that wants to clean my pc I usually leave the site as quickly as possible then I clear out all of my cache.
Dexter Sinister
I've been using both CCleaner and Defraggler, for years on XP, and on Vista for the few months I've had it. They both work very well in my experience, much better than anything built into Windows. I've never had a problem with them. CCleaner used to be called CrapCleaner, which is a better name for it. Amazing the amount of crap Windows accumulates and seems unable to clear out on its own. But like Kreskin, I'd never let a web site run a scan, not even a supposedly trustworthy one like McAfee or Symantec.

Now if only somebody could provide a really good maintenance tool for that horribly fragile registry database...
CCleaner is a staple in my tool kit for clients. The registry cleaner does a great job... between that and the application cleaner, it's rare that a performance increase isn't seen.

Another good one is Malware Bytes ( for Mal/Spyware. It's free as well.
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