Buying Power, or selling Green power -Investment opportunity

Instead of putting our money into polluting electricity, Canadians could be SELLING clean electricity back to the grid, or using it themselves and avoiding the grid power bill each month.

One way is allready organised and set up, as WindPowerCertificates:
Scroll down 2/3rd of the page to Wind Certificates.

Another is to build your own windmill, and get neighbors to all pitch in and share the costs and rewards. One $10,000 windmill could serve about 10 homes and have some left to re-sell to the grid, returning more than the stock martket average does, without the risk since you have a material asset. It is a stunningly good place for investment dollars.

Homebrew Windmill: Purchase GreenTags

Windmills and Generators sold here:

I recomend average consumers to be buying into these green power sources, every bit takes away the OILBARONS power over us, and reduces global warming .
You are spending money on dirty electricty anyways, this is not more that you pay now, it often is a savings!! [can be, depending on fluctuating oil/nat gas/coal prices] In doing so, you are helpings support the FOSSIL FOOLS

There are a number of companies looking to invest in Wind power. The Government offers some attractive tax treatment for investments in this sector in the form of flow through shares.

One company to lookinto is I'm sure there are others but... an investment in these types of companies provides the economies of scale that small home brewed windmill cannot match.

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