China reports record trade surplus

China reports record trade surplus
China National News
Tuesday 11th November, 2008

Beijing, Nov 11 (Xinhua) China announced Tuesday a trade surplus of $35.2 billion in October, despite economic slowdown.

It hit another historic monthly high as the figure gained for the fourth consecutive month since July. The aggregate foreign trade rose 17.6 percent from the same period last year to $221.4 billion in October, according to the China Customs website.

Though exports growth further slowed down to 19.2 percent from 21.5 percent in September, it rose further because of sharply declining imports.

Affected by the global economic slowdown, China's imports growth dropped from 33.7 percent in July gradually to 15.6 percent in October.

China's exports reached $128.3 billion, while its imports registered $93.1 billion in October.
......and in other news 100 Chinese human rights protesters had their heads crushed by tanks in Tiananmen Square over the weekend.....

100 Chinese human rights protesters had their heads

That's what we do in China to those who protest against human rights ; I wouldn't come to China if I was you .

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