Iraqi Legislature Fails to Convene

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The House of Deputies of the Republic of Iraq was not convened today, when Adnan Pachachi (the Acting Speaker of the House of Deputies ) agreed to postpone the opening of the session in the wake of controversy over the proposed nomination of Tariq al-Hashimi as the Speaker of the House of Deputies . Feuds between the parties continue, as some parties oppose the nomination of His Excellency Ibrahim al-Jaafari , the Prime Minister of Iraq , for another term.

The House must agree on a Prime Minister, and Government, by May of 2006.

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My Opinion

Perhaps this is cause for concern — despite extensive negotiations having taken place, it would seem as if no progress has been made in terms of the parties in the House agreeing on a Government to take over the ravaged nation. It would appear that the democratic institution imposed in Iraq is undergoing quite serious hardship — I would hope that the Iraqi people, and their representatives, can co-operate enough to make this legislature function. However, I have my doubts...

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