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I disagree that we should be grateful for living under the thumb of one benevolent dictator or another.

Says the idiot who blows Groper on a daily basis.
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Says the idiot who blows Groper on a daily basis.

The thread is about tax rates and govt spending patterns (sadly sidetracked by rabid, militant US nationalism.)

Personal schoolyard nyah-nyah should have been left in the shoolyard.
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Spending the weekend at friends in Phoenix and we had a discussion last nights about overall taxes. He’d gladly pay more tax. He says Americans spend a massive amount on the military where the average American doesn’t get a direct benefit. Canada spends more per capita on education and health care where he thinks the average Canadian sees a direct benefit. He knows teachers down here that have to get part time jobs in Walmart so they can live. It pisses him off to see retirees from Canada coming down here and living far better than retirees from Minnesota or Michigan. He says that, despite the higher taxes Canadians pay, they get better overall value for the taxes paid. I tend to agree with him. He,s also a Republican that hates Trump

Oh my!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have news for you pal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!

It PISSES CDNS OFF to see their LIE-beral leaders and civil service union Hogs telling us how the environment MUST BE SAVED

by DESTROYING the lives of ordinary Cdns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!

And then the LIE-berals and HOGS line up at the airport for the privilege of burning thousands of litres of jet fuel hauling their asses off to Florida for a chance to play some golf and see if they can catch skin cancer on the beach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is an article illustrating the colossal greed at the heart of all LIE-beral environmental policy! With some comments of my own in brackets):

Failed climate policies are about wealth redistribution

(LIE-beral environmental policy is a cover behind which they buy the votes of civil service union Hogs! Hogs get extra gravy in exchange for supporting LIE-beral carbon crap and trade scam that only clrans cash from wallets and leaves the dirt in the air!)

By Lorrie Goldstein. Published: October 10, 2018. Updated: October 10, 2018 5:39 PM EDT

Filed Under: Toronto SUN/ Opinion/ Columnists

BONOKOSKI: Captured Canadian ISIS sniper deserves to rot out of sight

No Canadian government, whether Liberal or Conservative, is ever going to come close to achieving the greenhouse gas reduction targets they’ve claimed they can achieve.

(The kind of greenhouse gas emission reductions LIE-berals claim can be reached would , if implemented, cause immediate social chaos and revolution in Canada! Our lives would be changed for the worse and any democratic govt that deliberately caused that sort of social upheaval would be voted out in a heartbeat!)

The reality is that Canada’s so-called fight against man-made climate change is not an environmental program.

It’s a multi-billion dollar taxation and wealth redistribution program.

(That is CORRECT! LIE-berals have seized on the environment as a handy way to tax us to death- so they can use the resulting revenue to BUY their way to power! LIE-berals and their less intelligent cousins of NDP and Green Party are locked in a 3 way battle for socialist supremacy! All 3 groups want ot buy the support of civil service union Hogs, drunken natives and Black Lives Matter bigots! The loonie lefties have identified these groups as most susceptible to being bribed with LIE-beral style offers of gravy!)

(But even the most deluded leftist knows that the silent majority in Canada has been provoked to rage and will be letting leaders know it at the ballot box in the near future! Hence the enthusiasm for open borders and the welcoming of teeming swarms of illegals whose votes LIE-berals expect to buy as well! This is political vandalism never seen in any western democratic nation!!!)

The only question is how much we’re going to have to pay for our government’s failure to do what it falsely claims it can do.

(There is also the issue of how many lies we will be told and how much debt and destruction LIE-berals will cause as they thrash about - struggling to avoid the vengeance of the enraged and bankrupt public!)

This isn’t a partisan issue.

Today, both Liberal Environment and Climate Change Minister Catherine McKenna and Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer routinely spout complete nonsense about what their climate change plans can realistically achieve — both the Liberal one which we know, and whatever the Conservative one is, because we haven’t seen it yet.

(Cdns are justly concerned about the climate but a VOCAL minority is making demands of our leaders- that they come up with elaborate plans that enable Hogs to KEEP their large carbon foot print and comfy lives- while the rest of us are hugely inconvenienced and even ruined by LIE-beral GREED!)

(Totally eliminating fossil fuel use in Canada- as LIE-berals are planning to do in a mere decade or two- is madness on an unprecedented scale! Certainly we CAN make reasonable reductions -but wholesale elimination is IMPOSSIBLE! LIE-berals are setting us up for an incredible package of LIES that will hide both reality and total LIE-beral failure!)

Every credible source that has examined this issue, including Canada’s environment commissioner, nine provincial auditors general, the federal government’s own studies and the United Nations all say that Canada is going to massively miss its greenhouse gas emission targets.

The ones Prime Minister Justin Trudeau foolishly committed us to for 2020 and 2030 when he signed the 2015 UN Paris climate accord.

(Fortunately there are no real penalties for missing those Paris targets- also known as LIE-beral “stretch goals”- that they have not a hope in hell of meeting anyway!)

Those targets used to be Stephen Harper’s when Trudeau, then Liberal opposition leader, condemned them as shamefully inadequate, before he adopted them after becoming PM.

(That both LIE-berals and Conservatives seem serious about these greenhouse targets is an indicator of how insane and delusional the carbon crap and trade debate has gotten! What nobody has noticed is that LIE-berals are SERIOUS about trying to meet the goals- which means THEY WILL take political action that will DESTROY our economy!)

(Sadly- there ARE simple, easy and valid solutions to saving our environment- solutions THAT LIE-BERALS SCORN- because it will cost them votes! LIE-berals would rather LIE than lose votes!)

The latest UN report released this week says the Paris targets will not stop catastrophic warming, even if Canada and the rest of the world’s nations were meeting their obligations under it, which they aren’t.

(Sadly- there is mounting evidence that even something as drastic as taking every gas powered car off the road would not be enough to save our environment either! Modern gas cars are now so efficient that it takes them a hour on the highway to emit the same amount of crap that a typical riding lawn mower- of the sort Hogs like to use for maintaining their estates- can emit in a few minutes!)

(Shutting down our ENTIRE agricultural industry also would not get us to the desired rate of emissions either! Only utter devastation of our lives and economy can get us down to LIE-beral promises- using LIE-beral methods!)

(Happily there IS AN EASY SOLUTION! Just cut back on gravy for our Hogs! In the 9 months after the World Trade Centre attack- during which time 25 percent of the world airline fleet was grounded- THERE WAS a measurable improvement in air quality across the planet! Air planes are absolutely the DIRTIEST WAY to move ANYTHING- cargo or passengers- its all the same airline FILTH!)

(IF Hog pensions and perks were cut back then their huge carbon foot prints would be curtailed as well- and WE COULD clean the air! As it stands now- the LIE-beral carbon crap and trade scam is simply raising more gravy for carbon spewing Hogs!)

The UN says Canada and the global community must now achieve far deeper emission cuts than the ones they agreed to in 2015, even though we’re not achieving those.

This is nothing new.

(No wonder nothing is being done! Can you picture asking especially entitled LIE-beral pals/voters to SCRAP their brand new skidoo or atv just to clean the air? Can you hear the howls of outrage if it WAS PROVEN that it is most often HOGS who fly on those filthy air planes- and that Hogs should be made to cut way back to the sort of frugal low carbon lives that ordinary people live?)

(Could ANY govt really ask Cdns to chose between heating their homes and letting well heeled Hogs continue their addiction to airplanes and golf in Florida in January? CLEARLY LIE-berals have decided that Fake News on a HUGE SCALE is just the ticket to protect their Hog supporters!)

(If Our idiot Boy and his loser LIE-berals are returned to power in 2019 then LIE-berals will continue with their “stretch goals” till our streets are so crowded with bankrupt victims of LIE-beral environmental policy that Hogs will demand a police “cleanup” of the unsightly homeless!)

(Hog votes trump the environment every time- where LIE-berals are concerned! In the clean, green future that LIE-berals are planning for us- things like homeless Hilton`s, drug addiction and hand wringing poverty pimps doing nothing but feeding public despair are all GROWTH industries!) )
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Says the idiot who blows Groper on a daily basis.

thinks he lives under a dictatorship.

grow a pair
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thinks he lives under a dictatorship.

grow a pair

HOID proves yet again how few comments he has to offer

that connect to things like logic, or fair play

or economic reality!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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