What about ‘fake news’?

Having a war monger heading a committee to dump trump by painting him as a putin sympathizer is very scary but this fake news bit coming from the committee is too bizarre, in the world of fake nyt, wpost and cnn rule.

Senator Jack Reed of Rhode Island, the ranking Democrat, asked if the dissemination of “fake news” was part of the Russian effort to influence the election. Mr. Clapper said it was, calling the attack “a multifaceted campaign.”

“The hacking was only one part of it,” Mr. Clapper said. “And it also entailed classical propaganda, disinformation, fake news.”

“Does that continue?” Mr. Reed asked. Mr. Clapper said yes.

NYT Accuses Kushner Of Brutal Callousness, Retracts The Accusation, Issues No Correction

NYT is one of the wurst offenders. Stoopid sausages.
White nattys scared for Trump.

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