Ohio News Anchor on Oscars: Too Hard to Hear With All That “Jigaboo Music”

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» News Anchor Loved Lady Gaga’s Oscar Performance Because It Wasn’t ‘Jigaboo Music’ Barstool Sports: BarstoolU
That's funny.
gettin jigaboo wit it.
...down wid dat, mofo
Fox News Affiliate Who Dropped “Jigaboo” On Air Suspended For Three Days

Capel, a former beauty queen who grew up in Kentucky claims she thought she had made up a word, did not even know it existed.

Ironically, when Capel uttered the word “jigaboo,” a contemptuous term that was once used to disparage blacks, her colleague, Wayne Dawson (pictured), uttered a nervous laugh, as the pair broadcasted their segment together.

Fuming viewers who knew exactly what ‘jigaboo’ meant, and flew to social media to lambaste Capel. The anchor then went on Twitter to apologize for using the racial slur explaining, “I deeply regret my insensitive comment. I didn’t know the meaning and would never intentionally use hurtful language. I sincerely apologize.”

News Anchor Suspended For Using Term “Jigaboo” On Air | News One

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