Air Canada cancels some flights amid pilot protest

This seems to be happening every week now since the government imposed back-to-work legislation.

Air Canada cancels some flights amid pilot protest

Air Canada began cancelling departing flights early today amid reports that some pilots were expected to call in sick in protest.

By 7:45 a.m. ET, about 30 flights had been cancelled, mainly to Canadian destinations, an Air Canada spokesman said. Seven flights each were listed as cancelled at Toronto's Pearson Internation Airport and Montreal's Trudeau airport.

Air Canada and Jazz warned travellers that flights all day Friday may be delayed or cancelled.

The Air Canada Pilots Association, which represents 3,000 pilots, was urging members to report to work and ignore “a small group” of pilots who want colleagues to call in sick to show dissatisfaction with management, according to reports.

The pilots are unhappy with management after contract talks broke down. Last month, the federal government referred Air Canada's two labour disputes to the Canada Industrial Relations Board, a move that prevents a work stoppage.

Air Canada cancels some flights amid pilot protest - Canada - CBC News
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Looks like they want to drive AC into bankruptcy and kill it for good.

That's a great idea, with luck, it will mean their pensions go bye-bye.
The side effects to back to work legislation. It's the pilots that are causing this and they're union denounced this action so the government has just one fine them $100,000 a day but the only problem is they would have to prove that it is stress and the other problem is if the government does that and forces a pilot who is suffering from stress to fly a plane and the plane crashes the government is at fault.

The best way for the government to handle this is by suspending their pilot license for 5 years to make sure their stress is gone and it is safe for them to fly. There is a lot of pilots that would like to fly for Air Canada.

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