Canada's withholding funds from Palestinians 'criminal': Carter

CBC News
Former U.S. president Jimmy Carter says it's "a crime" for Canada and other nations to withhold money from the Hamas-led Palestinian government.

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No crime has been committed on behalf of Canada. We as Canadians had listed Hamas as a terrorist organization before it was elected by the Palestinian people. The US had done the same. Canada will surely not provide any funding to terrorist groups. To do so would be complete lunacy. We need to maintain a zero tolerance level towards terrorism. Anyone who provides funding to a group that breeds suicide bombers and calls for the destruction of Israel would surely be open target for any country fighting the global war on terror.

If the Palestinian people were clever enough to elect a terrorist based government, they surely must have been clever enough to figure out where their funding would come from.
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why are we even sending money to ANY foriegn country. I think we have enough problems here
Pres. Trump Orders $25 Million In Aid For Palestinians To Be Diverted

POTUS Malaise won’t like this either.

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