Research Reveals Plants Can Think, Choose & Remember

WATCH: Biologists believe trees can speak | Toronto Sun
Reacting to stimulus is neither thinking or talking.

Which part of a plant cell reacts? The nucleus or the membrane?
Having been to a number of MVIs I do know that trees will just jump out in front of cars. Pretty sure asphalt can suddenly move and make a corner where non previously existed and then realign itself just after a car goes off.
Quantum trees. They only stand still when you aren't on mushrooms.
That explains a lot.
Don't thank me, thank the 8000 year old spirit in my kitchen.
Has it been doing shrooms for 8000 years?
It could be the spirit of the native guy who was stabbed and killed by his woman fighting over a frying pan of french fries in our kitchen years before we moved in

(true story)
That's not Monsanto.

That's Chinese labourers spraying for insects.

BTW, Amish do use GMO.

It seems that despite not having electricity, phones in their homes or cars, GM agriculture is not against their religion. In fact, it helps them stick to it. Ironically the loss of productivity they have due to farming entirely by hand is compensated for by the increased yield of the crop. The use of GM also allows them to not use pesticides, which they see advantageous. “I myself like biotechnology,” said Amish farmer Daniel Dienner, “I feel it’s what the farmers will be using in the future.” Dienner is not alone in this view either, as of 2005, 550 Amish farmers in Pennsylvania were growing a genetically enhanced, nicotine-free tobacco plant. They sold this $3,500 per acre compared with $300 to $400 for a regular corn crop.


The aliens are coming to spray you Cliffy.


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