DELTA - World's largest Air Line

Rival US companies Delta Air Lines and Northwest Airlines have agreed to merge in a $5bn (2.5bn) deal that will create the world's biggest carrier.
The new airline, to be called Delta, will have annual revenue of more than $35bn and employ about 75,000 staff.

Analysts say the deal could prompt similar moves by other US airlines struggling with rising oil prices.
But the deal, sealed a year after both carriers exited bankruptcy protection, could face resistance from unions.
Pilots for Northwest and the union acting on behalf of most of the carrier's ground workers said they would oppose the merger.
Airlines worldwide are suffering in the wake of a consumer slowdown in the US and Europe, making it harder to raise ticket prices to offset rising fuel-prices.
"Merging Delta and Northwest is the most effective way to offset higher fuel prices and improve efficiencies, increase international presence and fund long-term investment in the business," said Delta chief executive Richard Anderson, who is also to lead the new airline.
I guess the Unions fear personnel cuts, but they should consider either airline could go completely under, and that would be more devastating for the employees. Losing 2000 jobs, as expected through overlap, is a lot easier to stomach than losing perhaps up to half of the 75 000 combined jobs.
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It's the "American way"..... develop monopolies and you control economies ...control governments....control a "free" people....

Think fossil fuels and you'll recognize the pattern.

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