Looking to use Telus phone with a Bell cell phone plan.

Hey everyone,

I'm brand spankin new here, and I wanted to figure something out.

I have a Telus Palm Treo 650, but i want to use it on my bell cell phone plan.
Is it possible to do?
My bell phone now is getting on my nerves cause it so bad, and i want to change it.
and yes, I know bell is horrible. Only one more year and then im switching.

thanks everyone!
You'll probably have to call Bell and ask them.
Do both phones use a sim card?
my phone does not use a sim card.
Neither use SIMs (TDMA technology), and both are usable on each other's networks. So yes, you can switch companies and retain your phone. Same would apply to using Virgin Mobile.

The only ones you can not are Rogers and Fido, which use GSM technology (SIM cards) in their phones.

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