NM Forced To Grow It's Own Pot

Law Requires N.M. To Grow Its Own Pot

(AP) SANTA FE, N.M. New Mexico has a new medical marijuana law with a twist: It requires the state to grow its own.

The law, effective Sunday, not only protects medical marijuana users from prosecution — as 11 other states do — but requires New Mexico to oversee a production and distribution system for the drug.

"The long-term goal is that the patients will have a safe, secure supply that doesn't mean drug dealers, that doesn't mean growing their own," said Reena Szczepanski, director of Drug Policy Alliance New Mexico.

A step in the right direction. Getting it out of the hands of vile thugs and controlled is what is needed. Hopefully I won't be criminalized one day for choosing my particular brand of 'poison' over another.

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