Is Media Responsible For War

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We as a society feel that we have the right to know the whole truth on anything we want to know and in some countries Freedom of the Press is entrenched in their Bill Of Rights or their Constitution.

Media can be the savior or the instigator that can lead to good things or it can lead to loss of human life.

In the last war in Iraq and in the current war CNN was a very important tool for everyone to know what was going on.

It was also one of the tools that were used by the terrorists to find out what was going on and sometimes reporters would actually give out secret information of American troop movements.

The media is heavily involved in reporting the plans to have troop withdrawals from Iraq and Afghanistan this is great motivator for terrorists to either intensify or cut back their incursions activities.

With all the media coverage of the peace marches and interviewing protesters of their feeling on how war is bad and is against all religious beliefs it give terrorists the added fuel to recruit suicide bombers.

My question is if we had minimum media coverage on wars would these wars last as long? I donít think so.

A lot of countries are starting to restrict their citizens from getting news that tear down the countryís core values.

A good example is Google that made an agreement with China to restrict access to certain web sites.

The problem with media is that they give us opinioned news as opposed to straight news.

Opinioned news is full of their so-called experts that give their opinions that are usually flawed but when we see it we take it as fact.

Some university did a study in the early seventies that when you show a group of people flawed information over and over they will eventually be brainwashed into believing the information is true.

Unfortunately war sells.

Politicians sell wars.

As long as people want to know about war the media will give us what we want and more.

You can say that media is our dealer so we can get our high on what is happening on the killing fields.

And as long as we have the appetite for war news and as long as we have media to supply it to us, we will always have war.
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