Windows Vista

Windows Vista is the new operating system by Microsoft that will be available to the general public sometime in early 2007.

Windows Vista was first supposed to be an updated version of Windows XP, but Microsoft scraped that plan and decided to create an entirely new operating system.

From what I've read, Microsoft has had quite a few problems with it.
It is currently in public beta testing.

I'm still debating whether I should buy a PC or a Mac.

Could somebody give me their opinion on it?
the caracal kid
buy a mac.

if you decide for some reason you want to use Windows, you can use Bootcamp.
Bob Carrick
Don't we have another thread abotu PC or Mac?
Buy a pc. XP will be around for a long time so you don't have to go to vista.

And if you are worried about security and stability put linux on it in a dual boot.
Uhg, I tried Vista. What a memory hog.

PC, Macs just arn't good enough to justify the difference in price.
If affordability isn't an issue, I recommend getting a MAC. I'd love one myself, but...
My opinion: a PC running GNU/Linux. Desktop Linux can already do everything that Astala-Vista is "supposed" to do... and more. Not to mention it can do it on hardware you probably already have.
Gates has been going downhill ever since he abandoned Microsoft Bob.
Quote: Originally Posted by BitWhys

Gates has been going downhill ever since he abandoned Microsoft Bob.

I never realized the correlation till now :P
I can't wait till Microsoft goes down the toilet. Then everyone can own Macs. Yippie!
I am quite looking forward to Windows® Vista .

It sounds as though the security features in this newer incarnation of the successful operating system are going to be quite a step up, and I look forward to the new visual style of the operating system. Some of the new features and methods of doing things in Vista, in my opinion, are quite innovative, and quite definitely something to anticipate.
Johnny Utah
I wouldn't trust Windows Vista, after all the Security problems with XP does anyone really think Vista will be better?

I use XP but I also use Fire Fox which gives that bit of added protection plus it's just better then IE to begin with..

Those who say Macs are good well their better then good. So far Macs have had only 2 known Security Flaws unlike XP which has had so many it's hard yo keep track, and when you're told to download the patches the patches end up not working which is why I don't download them..

Vista may look good, it may have all the bells and whistles but in reality it's going to end up with the same Security flaws XP has..

Macs are the way to go, I even think the FBI recomends them for their Secuirty..
I do, in fact, think that Windows® Vista is going to be better.

Just a comment on your promotion of the Mozilla® Firefox® Web browser, I would agree that Windows® Internet Explorer® has some serious security issues to be considered; however, when it comes to me wanting to use multiple languages, and to send and receive information in those languages, I have found in my experience that Firefox tends to mis-assign the encoding. Internet Explorer 7 offers many of the features that some move to Firefox for, in particular (although, of course, it is continuing in its Beta 2 stage at this time).
For the Mac advocates.

Quote: Originally Posted by LittleRunningGag

For the Mac advocates.


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