Sounds from My Neighbourhood

Reverend Blair

Neighbour: Oh you f***ing whore, suck my c*** you f***ing piece of s*** jack.

Neighbour's Friend: When you get your car back up on the stands we'll talk about it, but I ain't cheap.

the first line sounded like my old neighbour hood.

Mind you it was crack heads and crack headed ho's yelling back and forth like that.

Come to think of it there may have been 1 or 2 mechanics in the bunch....mind you they're bike mechanics. lol
he he he...sounds a little like me on a bad day
Reverend Blair
I shouldn't laugh...he likely suffered a few grand in damage because of the jack giving out and I know he's been working on that car all summer.

You should have heard the tone of his friend's voice though. It was like he was making some sort of pleasant business deal. No concern at all.

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