Activate a CDMA Motorola V710 Telus Phone on Bell Mobility

Anybody could help me out with that process ?

Motorola told be it's possible...
Bell Mobility told me it's not...
some people on differents forum says it is...
Some other says it's not...

I would really need THE real answer. If there's somebody out here that work for Telus or Bell Mobility could help me, it would be really appreciated !

From my knowledge, there is a way to activate a Telus phone on Bell and Rogers. However, it will be usable only on Analog networks.

There is also way to activate a Telus phone to work on Bell full network (or vise versa), but that you must know somebody works for the company internally or actually must be a tech for the network.

this thread ahs already been made, you can refer to this url for any answers:

since motorolaman has offered his assistance and i am quite sure there is way of activating the V710 on Bell i would suggest emailing him. I dont noe why you'd wanna go to bell, but good luck.
Thanks nitzomoe,

please refer to:


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