Article in local paper

A letter to the editor says something like this ...
Cretien has stepped aside with perfect timing ... created a cauldron of hate and dodged the bullet .... granted himself a generous pension and left Martin and the liberals to bear the brunt of voters wrath ...

Now I'm no fan of Martins but stooges have been used in government before. Kim Campbell.

Any thoughts?
Kim Campbell was absolutely the greatest example of a stooge; the people you would normally expect to run for the leadership ran the other way, knowing what was coming.

Chretien, on the other hand, helped cause much of this mess; he only stayed on as long as he did for vanity reasons, and because he hates Paul Martin with such a passion. Chretien did everything possible to delay stepping down, and also to attempt to prevent Martin from winning the leadership. You certainly can't say that Chretien stayed on so long because he had so many things he needed to do!

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