Thoughts on an International-Harmonization Act?

At present, Canada's word means little on the world stage. We are NATO members who do not fulfill our NATO obligations. We are still signatories to the International Convention on civil and Political Rights even though the UNHCR has repeatedly criticized Canada for the religiously-discriminatory separate-school provisions of the constitution conflicting with that Convention. We have signed no to the Paris Agreement even though we are not meeting our targets. We are member-states of the UN and UNESCO yet do not conform to all of their resolutions.

We could harmonize our laws to our international obligations in a few ways. We could withdraw our membership or signature form an international organization or agreement. We could renegotiate the agreement or our membership in an organization to have it conform to our laws. We can revise our own laws to conform to our international obligations. We may have other options too besides just signing away the trustworthiness of our word on the world stage.

One solution would be an International-Harmonization Act that would give the monarch the authority and the obligation to enforce harmony between Canada's national and international obligations. For example, once the governor general is informed of a conflict between our national and international obligations, she could give Parliament a formal five-year notice to be read in Parliament requiring parliament to harmonize the two in some way with the warning that should it fail to do so within five years, the governor general herself will force a referendum to choose between the two to coincide with the following federal referendum.

For example, it could be a referendum on whether Canada should meet its NATO obligations or withdraw from NATO, or on whether it should revise the constitution to conform to the International Convention on Civil and Political Rights or withdraw Canada's signature from that convention, or on whether Canada should meet the obligations of the Paris Agreement or withdraw its signature from it, or whether Canada should respect UN and UNESCO resolutions or whether Canada should withdraw its membership from these organizations.

While this could mean Canada withdrawing from many agreements, it would also mean that the world could trust that Canada will honour any agreement that it does sign in the future. In other words, the world would trust that Canada word is more than just ink on paper.
My Barbershoppers like harmonizing in four parts.
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My Barbershoppers like harmonizing in four parts.

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