Toronto spa takes heat for stance on transgender women

Toronto spa takes heat for stance on transgender women | Toronto & GTA | News |

Spa penis controversy a dilemma | BRAUN | Toronto & GTA | News | Toronto Sun
Because, if so, this tells me that Body Blitz associates gender with genitalia....

That was soooo funny.
...but what if a person were a homotransexual, and only wanted to have a cheap thrill?
Gender reassignment surgery is expensive as hell and not considered necessary by most insurance companies. Therefore, as a NMR procedure, you have to pay for it. 10 Grand or more.

A lot of people can't afford that.

A trans woman is still a woman, even if she hasn't had the GRS.

I think the best for this spa, though, is to perhaps look into the amount of Trans women who do or might partake of their facility and create a day/days based on that number. It's at least something even though it's still just feeding into the "men in dresses" narrative.

Effin' women are just as bad as men. Ugh.

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