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Fake News Meme Going Viral | Zero Hedge
'Fake News' Vindicated (Again): New WikiLeaks Email Dump Details Erdogan’s Business Ties to ISIS

'Fake News' Vindicated (Again): New WikiLeaks Email Dump Details Erdogan?s Business Ties to ISIS
dem cucks 'n' progs...flailin' away.

Washington Post Appends "Russian Propaganda Fake News" Story, Admits It May Be Fake

Washington Post Appends "Russian Propaganda Fake News" Story, Admits It May Be Fake | Zero Hedge

Canadians haven't awakened to this leftard newz fakery yet but all in good time kids.

Denzel Washington blasts media for selling 'BS' | TheHill
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dem cucks 'n' progs...flailin' away.

Gavin McInnes ‏@Gavin_McInnes

While @TheDailyShow uses editing tricks to make people look bad @TuckerCarlson knows he's right so he does it live.

Tucker Carlson SLAYS Writer Over ‘Fake News’

When it comes to punking-down leftist weenies, Tucker Carlson is second to none. Carlson tears leftists’ hollow arguments apart. The same way Lena Dunham attacks a bag of Oreos. No mercy. In his latest confrontation, Carlson took on a serial killer writer and the joke that is “fake news.”


Tucker Carlson SLAYS Writer Over 'Fake News' » Louder With Crowder
Curious Cdn
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it's a little different now with FB, twitter and all the rest of that sh!t. every moral and intellectually superior 'media' outfit with a twitter account gags to have it's feed read and disseminated as gospel.

anyway morans, seek yer own info and use half a brian won't you.

Actually, social media and the army of whackos posting their drivel has amplified the problem. It sure as hell hasn't cleaned it up.

Why, there are a couple of perrenial propagandists operating right here on this very forum on a daily basis.
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Gavin McInnes ‏@Gavin_McInnes

While @TheDailyShow uses editing tricks to make people look bad @TuckerCarlson knows he's right so he does it live.

Tucker Carlson SLAYS Writer Over ‘Fake News’

When it comes to punking-down leftist weenies, Tucker Carlson is second to none. Carlson tears leftists’ hollow arguments apart. The same way Lena Dunham attacks a bag of Oreos. No mercy. In his latest confrontation, Carlson took on a serial killer writer and the joke that is “fake news.”

Liberals are retarded nazis.

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Liberals are retarded nazis.


"snicker" ~ bonee on ~ " snicker"
Fake News: Newsweek's Reckless Kurt Eichenwald Claims 'Trump Supporters Booed John Glenn'

The unsolicited "step away from your Twitter account" advice Donald Trump is constantly receiving needs to be turned around on certain members of the media.

One such person would be Kurt Eichenwald at Newsweek — except, as will be seen later, the magazine apparently lets him intemperately and obsessively tweet at will. In claiming that Donald Trump's victory rally audience in Iowa began booing at the mention of John Glenn, the first American astronaut to orbit the earth who died on Thursday, Eichenwald joined the growing pantheon of fever-swamp occupants who have imagined crowds at Republican and conservative gatherings saying and doing mean things that never happened.

Eichenwald posted the following tweet Thursday evening (HT Alex Griswold at Mediaite):

Note the significant traction the tweet received in the form of thousands of likes and retweets.

His third tweet has also vanished


Fake News: Newsweek's Reckless Kurt Eichenwald Claims 'Trump Supporters Booed John Glenn'
Fake News: CNN Shamed into Major Corrections on Ghana Election Story - Breitbart
Dan Rather's New Comedy Course

By Robert on December 28, 2016 8:00 AM | 10 Comments

If you'd like to start off your day with a good laugh, click on this link and then watch the video entitled "Preview This Course".

Rather's key quote was this: "... we need journalistic integrity now, more than ever." If you're too young to understand the significance of this man uttering these words, please read this and watch this .

The grandfather of fake news is now a shopping channel huckster. Seems about right.
Really??? Who would have thunk the onion had so many layers. The fallen angels don't have anybody to pass the buck to.
    An illusion it will be, so large, so vast it will escape their perception. Those who will see it will be thought of as insane. We will create separate fronts to prevent them from seeing the connection between us. We will behave as if we are not connected to keep the illusion alive. Our goal will be accomplished one drop at a time so as to never bring suspicion upon ourselves. This will also prevent them from seeing the changes as they occur.

    We will always stand above the relative field of their experience for we know the secrets of the absolute. We will work together always and will remain bound by blood and secrecy. Death will come to he who speaks. We will keep their lifespan short and their minds weak while pretending to do the opposite. We will use our knowledge of science and technology in subtle ways so they will never see what is happening. We will use soft metals, aging accelerators and sedatives in food and water, also in the air. They will be blanketed by poisons everywhere they turn.

    The soft metals will cause them to lose their minds. We will promise to find a cure from our many fronts, yet we will feed them more poison. The poisons will be absorbed trough their skin and mouths, they will destroy their minds and reproductive systems. From all this, their children will be born dead, and we will conceal this information. The poisons will be hidden in everything that surrounds them, in what they drink, eat, breathe and wear. We must be ingenious in dispensing the poisons for they can see far.

    We will teach them that the poisons are good, with fun images and musical tones. Those they look up to will help. We will enlist them to push our poisons. They will see our products being used in film and will grow accustomed to them and will never know their true effect. When they give birth we will inject poisons into the blood of their children and convince them it’s for their help. We will start early on, when their minds are young, we will target their children with what children love most, sweet things.

    When their teeth decay we will fill them with metals that will kill their mind and steal their future. When their ability to learn has been affected, we will create medicine that will make them sicker and cause other diseases for which we will create yet more medicine. We will render them docile and weak before us by our power. They will grow depressed, slow and obese, and when they come to us for help, we will give them more poison. We will focus their attention toward money and material goods so they many never connect with their inner self. We will distract them with fornication, external pleasures and games so they may never be one with the oneness of it all.

    Their minds will belong to us and they will do as we say. If they refuse we shall find ways to implement mind-altering technology into their lives. We will use fear as our weapon. We will establish their governments and establish opposites within. We will own both sides. We will always hide our objective but carry out our plan. They will perform the labor for us and we shall prosper from their toil. Our families will never mix with theirs. Our blood must be pure always, for it is the way.

    We will make them kill each other when it suits us. We will keep them separated from the oneness by dogma and religion. We will control all aspects of their lives and tell them what to think and how. We will guide them kindly and gently letting them think they are guiding themselves. We will foment animosity between them through our factions. When a light shall shine among them, we shall extinguish it by ridicule, or death, whichever suits us best.

    We will make them rip each other’s hearts apart and kill their own children. We will accomplish this by using hate as our ally, anger as our friend. The hate will blind them totally, and never shall they see that from their conflicts we emerge as their rulers. They will be busy killing each other. They will bathe in their own blood and kill their neighbors for as long as we see fit. We will benefit greatly from this, for they will not see us, for they cannot see us.

    We will continue to prosper from their wars and their deaths. We shall repeat this over and over until our ultimate goal is accomplished. We will continue to make them live in fear and anger though images and sounds. We will use all the tools we have to accomplish this. The tools will be provided by their labor. We will make them hate themselves and their neighbors.

    We will always hide the divine truth from them, that we are all one. This they must never know! They must never know that color is an illusion, they must always think they are not equal. Drop by drop, drop by drop we will advance our goal. We will take over their land, resources and wealth to exercise total control over them. We will deceive them into accepting laws that will steal the little freedom they will have. We will establish a money system that will imprison them forever, keeping them and their children in debt.

    When they shall ban together, we shall accuse them of crimes and present a different story to the world for we shall own all the media. We will use our media to control the flow of information and their sentiment in our favor. When they shall rise up against us we will crush them like insects, for they are less than that. They will be helpless to do anything for they will have no weapons.

    We will recruit some of their own to carry out our plans, we will promise them eternal life, but eternal life they will never have for they are not of us. The recruits will be called “initiates” and will be indoctrinated to believe false rites of passage to higher realms. Members of these groups will think they are one with us never knowing the truth. They must never learn this truth for they will turn against us. For their work they will be rewarded with earthly things and great titles, but never will they become immortal and join us, never will they receive the light and travel the stars. They will never reach the higher realms, for the killing of their own kind will prevent passage to the realm of enlightenment. This they will never know.

    The truth will be hidden in their face, so close they will not be able to focus on it until it’s too late. Oh yes, so grand the illusion of freedom will be, that they will never know they are our slaves. When all is in place, the reality we will have created for them will own them. This reality will be their prison. They will live in self-delusion. When our goal is accomplished a new era of domination will begin. Their minds will be bound by their beliefs, the beliefs we have established from time immemorial.

    But if they ever find out they are our equal, we shall perish then. THIS THEY MUST NEVER KNOW. If they ever find out that together they can vanquish us, they will take action. They must never, ever find out what we have done, for if they do, we shall have no place to run, for it will be easy to see who we are once the veil has fallen. Our actions will have revealed who we are and they will hunt us down and no person shall give us shelter. This is the secret covenant by which we shall live the rest of our present and future lives, for this reality will transcend many generations and life spans.

    This covenant is sealed by blood, our blood. We, the ones who from heaven to earth came. This covenant must NEVER, EVER be known to exist. It must NEVER, EVER be written or spoken of for if it is, the consciousness it will spawn will release the fury of the PRIME CREATOR upon us and we shall be cast to the depths from whence we came and remain there until the end time of infinity itself.
Curious Cdn
I guess that it ain't so secret if there is a link to it.
Let alone in 1080 video.
Not many people relate it to the ones that the book of Jude references. Their 'agents' seem to want the world to be a chess-board where they get to move all the pieces. (or cause events to happen that results in a known re-action) The 'money-changes' in the Gospels would have operated on the same fiat system that was in use by the fallen angels before the flood and by the giants until the exodus wars when the giants were extincted and the 12 Tribes were the ones who had a list of 'rules', 10 from God and 600+ from their Priests.
A literal God gives prophecy that will have a literal end. The Bible's version of that will see the original serpent and his favorite fallen angel become kings on the globe just like they were 'in the ancient days'. I haven't watched the new series and these older ones show all the ancient sites. Angelic beings are immortal and no children, they are also quite powerful.
A timeline of 200M years could then be used for the creation of the megaliths. During that time using the expanding earth theory the waters would have receded off the mountain tops first as the oceanic rifts we have today started creating deep canyon that were filled with water. (water that was frozen into ice so it was lifeless until almost all of the ice had melted and considering the lava was like water in a pressure cooker based on the amount of heat released in a short period of time. The depth of the ice was over the smooth globe and the over-heating it caused was along the mountain chains we have today. That rising magma would be the oldest land on the planet and it would have been the first to be above the ice that was snowball earth.

38:45 for the melting part. Make the lava and gas 5,000 deg rather than 2,500 and the melt would be accelerated.
The MSM can whine about fake news sites all they want but they are just as guilty about it. The NYT's annual pack of lies about the seal hunt in Canada. The constant reporting of hate crimes with only the alleged victim's word it happened. Distortion of and even downright omission of facts.

Protip: When reading a CBC story they pulled from the wire, don't bother reading the CBC version, just click the link at the top of the article to the original source and read it instead. Particularly when it's not a domestic news story.

1 out of 5 meatheads get their 'news' from google. garbage out garbage in kids. misleading moral superiors are misleading.

Google Has Been Incorrectly Labeling Straight News Stories As ‘Opinion’

Google News, which drives billions of clicks to news outlets monthly, has been mischaracterizing non-opinion news articles from a wide-range of publishers as “opinion.” The site told The Daily Caller Wednesday that it doesn’t think this is a big problem and that it will keep the tag while Google engineers search for the “root cause” behind the issue.

Google News employs tags on news stories which have been covered by several outlets. These include: “Opinion,” “Trending,” “In Depth,” “Most Referenced,” “Highly Cited” and “Live Updating.” The Daily Caller has found multiple examples of straight news stories being marked “opinion.” One outlet this frequently happens to is The Daily Beast.

Screenshot of Google News

Screenshot of Google News

While the stories are marked “opinion,” they contain none. It isn’t an opinion to cover a statement by Wilbur Ross, nor is it opinionated to write that a former president is hospitalized. This mischaracterization of articles as opinion can be found on almost any news story covered by several outlets on Google News.

Screenshot of Google News

Screenshot of Google News

Mike Dyer, president and publisher of The Daily Beast, told TheDC in a statement Wednesday that “as a credible, well respected news organization, we find it concerning our content is being misrepresented to consumers.”

A Google spokesperson, however, told TheDC that the site hasn’t received any complaints before about the incorrect tagging and that they don’t believe it’s a big issue. The spokesperson said that it is a likely a problem with Google News’ algorithm and not a human error.
The site will continue employing the “opinion” tag, as Google engineers try and get to the bottom of the problem, according to the Google spokesperson.

“We are looking into issues with how the ‘Opinion’ label is assigned to stories in Google News. Our engineering team is investigating the root cause, including how sections of publisher content are tagged as ‘Opinion’ by publishers and via the Google News Publisher Center,” a spokesperson said in a statement provided to TheDC.

A poll released by Pew Wednesday revealed that nearly 20 percent of American voters got their election news from Google News.

Google Has Been Wrongly Tagging News Stories As 'Opinion' | The Daily Caller
a trip down some kind of lane.

Top 20 CNN News Fails (Cringe Compilation)
get ready for some Trump-bashing and 'news' spinning from these sore salty losers.

I predict it will end very poorly for zucker and gang.

Truth Bombers ‏@Truth_Bombers

CNN President throws a veiled threat at President Trump and America. Using propaganda to take down your own country is disgusting. #FUKKCNN

Fake Donald Trump tweets are the new internet fad in China | New York Post

treats are fake
Even Bell ExpressVuis getting into the act....

I get an email from bell yesterday that a new Bell vibe app is available that will give me access to all my subscribed channels, on my phone or my tablet..
When I installed the app, I noticed that Fox News channel was missing while I had full access t CNN, CBC and MSNBC....

To be fair though, a few of other favorite channels were missing from the list....
And when I called the guy seemed more interested in selling me a sports package, than addressing the problem....
His broken English didn't help either....
I finally convinced him to forward my problem to the technical department...
Next time I have to call them I will press "2" for french......
CNN Politics Verified account ‏@CNNPolitics

Without first lady Melania Trump, the Japanese Prime Minister's wife, Mrs. Akie Abe, rolls solo in Washington

Without Melania Trump, Mrs. Abe rolls solo in Washington -

OMFG! why isn't the First Lady there doing her 'job'?

that poor abe is all lonely and stuff...neglected, shunned.

goddamn Trump!

oh wait.

Jennifer Jacobs Verified account ‏@JenniferJJacobs

Melania and Mrs. Abe arrived by SUV as Trump, Ivanka, Jared arrived by Marine One for departure to Florida.
Curious Cdn
I'll bet that Madam Abe got all of her shots first, before she took a chopper ride with Melanoma.
Mainstream media errors in the Trump era: Your catalogue of the media's bias-fueled failure-fest

Hahahahaha...heroes they are...*breath*...hahahahahaha....*whew*

sure, running forward with gasoline and matches perhaps. less like firefighters... more like arsonists.

anyway kids:

The press has a problem, and it seems to be getting worse. Whether through bias, sloppiness, or sheer panic, the mainstream media has dropped its standards since President Trump was sworn in.

Rather then adjusting adeptly to Trump's easy relationship with the truth and his tendency to abuse members of media, by dialing up their standards, a significant number of journalists have tripped over themselves recently to repeat every bit of gossip and half-cocked rumor involving Trump and his administration.

The rush to get these supposed scoops out in the open, whether in print, on television or on social media, has, of course, produced a rash of shoddy reporting.

Now this isn't to say that all coverage of this new administration has been slipshod. Rather, it's to say that there has been a disturbing and unusually large number of stories that have turned out either to be overhyped, inconclusive, half-true or flat-out incorrect. There have also been a number of reports whose sourcing is so thin, that to believe them would be to take a major leap of faith.

The one thing that these reports have in common is that they fail to provide readers with a clear and indisputably accurate picture of what is really going on at White House. The press's most important role is to shine a light on those in power. Bad reporting only muddies the waters, and it gives powerful people more room to do as they please. After all, whom are you going to believe: the guy at the top or the newsroom with a recent track record of botched reporting?

We didn't get to the point where people find the press less credible than the Trump administration by some freak accident.

We're keeping a database of all these media misfires as they occur, and we'll be updating this list whenever some new bit of crummy journalism appears. Depending on whether reporters settle down and treat their supposed scoops with greater care, this database may turn into a four- or eight-year project.

Starting in order of most recent, here is our best effort at a complete list of the shoddiest media misfires since the Jan. 20 inauguration:

They appear to be talking about all of flossy's sources.

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